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  1. Help with Sulphur Denitrator

    SubzeroLT is correct. Dosing bacteria ain't gotta help. Sulphur reactor is a different approach. I use a DIY sulphur unit in my sump. You need very slow flow rate for the first month. About 2-3 drops per second. My NO3 was hovering abt 30ppm for 3 months.. One fine day it dip to 1-2ppm.. Now.. I need to dose more amino acid/feed my fishes just to make sure it doesn't drop to 0ppm. Hope this helps!
  2. Does Clementi 328 has DI resin for sale ?

    No they don't
  3. WTT for uncommon zoas

    Taken under full blue hydra 26 & 12K lighting Kraks/Hornets
  4. How Many Hydras For A 4 Foot Tank?

    I used to have 1x26HD for 2ft cube.. I think it's just nice for starters. Got another set last month.. SPS been growing like weed. 100% no regrets. The only regret is she's pulling 90W extra :x Currents setup 2x26HD 2x24w T5 Pics for reference.
  5. 95% left RFS: switching to Carbon dosing Deal at 640707, asking for 140
  6. Is Carpet Anemone reef safe

    IME, they actually prefer high lighting. It's abt 280 par on my sand bed..
  7. Is Carpet Anemone reef safe

    No Problem.. I have BT,PT,YT,Sopas, mandarin/diamond goby, clowns. My PT loves to swim very close to my carpet when feeding.. seems fine.. No deaths.. she has been in that spot for the longest time.. so I assume she ain't stress.. I feed silverside weekly.
  8. UC & Lakers zoas

    2 Lakers with 1 UC 40
  9. Red Cynarina

  10. How to save bleached anemone?

    Krill and sliverside, I feed twice a week. Did you off your wakemaker while feeding? If your BTA tentacles are sticky to the touch, she's in good health. Not to worry m8.
  11. Red Cynarina

    Pic of feeding time at night
  12. How to save bleached anemone?

    Strong light and feed it meaty food. Silver fish works for me. Here is a pic of my sick/bleached carpet when my tank was having a Dino attack. (Pic 1) Killed almost all of my acros tho.. After a 3 day black out and rising my light up.. I kept feeding meaty seafood daily for 2 weeks... And... It recovered!! Here is a picture after (pic 2) you can still see the centre part near its mouth is still recovering. (Pic 3) taken today Hope this helps!!
  13. Red Cynarina

    WTS Red Cynarina Willing to trade with Krak/Gold torch Picture as shown Collection at Jurong West 100