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  1. Dosing Pump

    Would love to know about this as well Jay Regards
  2. $75 per head, 3 head colony
  3. WTG Chaeto

    Anyone need? Jay Regards
  4. What light for 3 feet?

    Agree! Jay Regards
  5. WTS PT

    Reserved Jay Regards
  6. WTS PT

    $120 WA @ 93369047 For video Jay Regards
  7. WTS LPS/SPS colony

    All reserved! Jay Regards
  8. WTS LPS/SPS colony

    Upz w price adjustment Mummy Eye Chalice $100 Rainbow Acan $120 BSC colony $200 Rest - reserved/ sold Jay Regards
  9. WTS Fishes

    All reserved except Picasso Clownfish Jay Regards
  10. WTS LPS/SPS colony

    So sorry for not updating! Rainbow Favia Goniopora Rainbow Acan Reserved! Will update again Jay Regards
  11. WTS Fishes

    PT $125 YT $65 FH $85 Picasso $205 Fishes been with me more than half a year, stable and pellet feeding. Reason to sell: re-planning fish stock Video: Jay Regards
  12. What is this !?!

    Haha looks like a cute bristle worm Jay Regards
  13. WTS LPS/SPS colony

    Pink Eye Chalice 8cm $130 Rainbow Acan More than 10 heads $140 Rainbow Favia 3.5cm $130 Pink Gonio w Blue base 8cm $70 Blue Berry Shortcake Colony $240 Jay Regards
  14. WTS plate

    Ocean Blue Plate $120 Jay Regards