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  1. Corals

    I just have a simple set up as my tank is only pico. Filter,cooling fan, skimmer.
  2. Corals

    Thanks man!
  3. Corals

    Anyone can help me w my questions?
  4. Corals

    I heard supersun is very hard to maintain and is not suitable for beginners
  5. Corals

    How's the care level like?
  6. Corals

    Which are phoyosynthetic?
  7. Corals

    Mushroom, Toadstool and leather is the same thing? Sorry, not very familiar w corals. Which type of coral requires less feeding?
  8. Corals

    Hi guys, may i know what are some of the easiest and hardy corals that i can keep other than GSP and zoa?
  9. How to save bleached anemone?

    Thanks man! However i still able to fed it occasionally right? Hhahaha
  10. How to save bleached anemone?

    I thought anemone will tend to move itself to places they like? How to even place them on sand bed. [emoji28] Wow.. that's if have a consistent of feeding process right? I actually have some food replacement like reef pulses, but is from hikari. Is it good for them?
  11. How to save bleached anemone?

    That's for healthy anemone right? What about anemone that's bleached? Same hours of lighting too? [emoji848] Oh, one more question. How to i able to make my anemone grow bigger and healthy? And how long does it usually takes? Wow, that sure come in handy! I will find or diy one hahaha
  12. How to save bleached anemone?

    My fishes will literally go and take a bite thinking is it's food. 🤣
  13. How to save bleached anemone?

    Wow! Thanks man, that's very specific! Hahahaha So usually how long must the lighting go on for a day for the BTA? MY anemone is attaching to rock, stationary, but just won't eat.
  14. How to save bleached anemone?

    Yes BTA. Hmmm.... so which is the correct one? Strong light or not strong lighting? [emoji848] Actually my problem is, My healthy BTA ain't eating at all and I have no idea why. Tried feeding oyster, shrimp and clams, ain't accepting anything.
  15. How to save bleached anemone?

    I brought frozen seafood mix from grocery shop. It kinda dislike it. I didn't turn off wave maker. Somehow one of my BTA is so sensitive to touch. It will just shrink quickly whenever the tentacles touches something. Give me a headache hahahah