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  1. Umbellulifera sp care?

    I'm thinking about adding a Umbellulifera sp to my well established 35 Gallon Red Sea mixed reef. This will be my only NPS in this tank. I have a shaded ledge it can go under with indirect flow. How challenging is this coral to keep? The online store seling it says it's much easier than other NPS. What specificially would you recommend for feeding, how much and how often? I don't want to overpolute my tank. I have live rock and a low quality skimmer and somewhat effective algae scrubber. Does this coral require so much food that it's going to be hard to manage my water quality? Thank you, Doug P.S. I used to live in Singapore from 1997-2000 so it's great to have a connection to your beaultiful country once again. I miss it there incredibly.