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  1. WTS Zoas and Yuma

    Sold! Thanks all.
  2. WTS Zoas and Yuma

    All pending collection by bro playlife33
  3. WTS Zoas and Yuma

    Bundle for all zoas at S$50
  4. WTS Zoas and Yuma

    Happy CNY to all, I have the following for sale: 1. Red People eater 5pp- S$20 2. Sunny D 6pp (3 small) - S$20 3. Unknown ID about 19pp - S$20 4. Yuma - S$20 (about 50 cent coin size) Deal in Woodlands Dr 70. Thank you.
  5. WTG used media

    Pls close thread. Thank you all.
  6. WTG used media

    Collected by bro 08zawmoe
  7. WTG used Nuvo micro 30 pump

    Please close thread. Thank you all.
  8. WTG used Nuvo micro 30 pump

    Currently pending collection
  9. WTG used media

    Currently pending collection.
  10. WTG used media

    Have some used media to give away. Pls rinse before used as kept in storage. Collect in Woodlands Dr 70.
  11. WTG used Nuvo micro 30 pump

    Pump still working but makes some noise, presumably has something stuck inside. Good for those who knows how to fix this. Otherwise, going into rubbish bin.. FCFS, Collect in Woodlands Dr 70.
  12. WTB Sump Tank

    Pls close thread. Thank you SRC
  13. WTB branching hammer coral

    Bought some lovely pcs from a nice reefer. Pls close thread.
  14. WTB branching hammer coral

    WTB decent sized hammer coral for my DT. PM me price, pics and location. Prefer to deal in North/ Woodlands/ admiralty.
  15. WTB Sump Tank

    Hi all, Looking for a used sump preferably 2ft - 3ft in length. My cabinet measures 3ft x 1.5ft x 3ft ( L x B x H ) On a tight budget. PM me with price, dimensions & pick up location. Thanks!