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  1. 2 sold. Looking to clear. Will give other few zoas foc as well. Don ask what zoa coz not sure the ID and it's hard to take pic. Will only remove when confirm.
  2. Selling to clear frag rack. few frag plug underneath. 1 frag for $15 price to clear.
  3. Please PM me condition, price and location. Thanks! Might consider HS90A as well.
  4. Upz. Delivery available with small fee.
  5. Prefer to trade with other torch, hammer, or frogspawn. Collection at West Side only.
  6. 1 head Black Torch Green Base for sale or trade. Please PM. Thanks!
  7. Selling Mushroom at $20, palm size, green tip purple base. Need ID on the right side coral, thanks!
  8. Selling for $380, add $20 for the diffuser. In good condition. Use only at 50% intensity.
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