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  1. Update. Chiller & wave maker sold. Rest still available, all in good condition and kept as spare, unless stated new. Benggal Cardinal pair $15. Maxspect Razor R420R 130w 15,000k LED Lighting System $200
  2. Cabinet Clearance! Below are first round of clearance. Will continue to update more items. Nopox ~70% left $12 Seachem Reef Fusion 1 & 2 ~70% left $20 Polylab reefroid 90% left $15 Cupramine new $15 Salifert Cu test kit new $20 Salifert PO4 test kit use once $20 Eheim Compact 600 $30 Jebao SW2 (kept as spare comes with box) $40 Nemolight 2 24W (kept as spare comes with box) $100 Spectra Aqua Sunrise (comes with box) $80 Hailea Chiller HS28a with external probe (kept as spare) $160 Hailea Chiller HS28a without external probe $140 External probe for Hailea (new) $12 Kamoer dosing tube holder (holds 6 tubes) $15 IM Minimax Reactor Midsize $90 Coral Fix Glue new $5 Ceramic Frag Plug 10 for $5 Red Sea Coral Pro salt, selling loose by weight, can get what you need only. Aquaforest Stone Fix, selling loose by weight, can get what you need only. Benggal Cardinal $8 Radioactive birdnest (2 frag on a plug) $15
  3. OF tank looking at $25. Condition used but in good condition. Also 1 frag 3p sunny D & 1 frag 1p cat eye & 1frag 2p fairy dust to let go at $20 each. Multiple frag of pulsing Xenia $10-15. Open to trade.
  4. Anyone kind enough to pass some coralline Algae to seed my tank? Even better if u also have coralline purple up. Thanks!
  5. Anyone has leftover to give, don't need a lot. Preferably west side. Please PM if you are selling as well. Thanks!
  6. Looking for red gonio as well
  7. theclown

    DIY Piping

    Thanks. Any website to order the pipes?
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