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  1. Rasta 4 polyp sold, Eagle Eye 3 polyps sold. Eagle Eye 4 polyp and the rest still available.
  2. still looking for new bigger home.
  3. Hi alexius, I'm in CCK. Do pm me if you are nearby to come n take
  4. All stable frag and growing. Couldn't show the true color of the zoas. Pic taken with DD filter lens, tips are welcomed! Eagle Eye 3 polyps, $10 Rasta 8 polyps, $15 Rasta 4 polyps, $10 No ID, Bright Yellow Center, Green Skirt, Pink Body, 5 polyps $10. Or if anyone knows the ID please let me know.
  5. Around 3", looking at $45.
  6. Check CRA or aquarium artist.
  7. thanks! maybe i shall siphone it out first, maybe my mistake was to leave my carbon in while doing treatment. The website says there's no need for carbon removal, but i guess its better to remove! will keep everyone updated.
  8. Tank volume 20 gallon used 1.25 scoop 2 days ago, buy still seeing the cyano. Thinking to do a second treatment with 2 scoops. Any thoughts?
  9. WTS Microbacter7 2L left 30% $20.
  10. Hi all, any experience on using this? The instruction on the bottle says 1 spoon for 16 gallons of water, but the website says 2 spoon for 15 gallons of water. Started medication for 1spoon for 16 gallon of water but the look like the Cyano is still there. Do we need to remove the red slime after treatment?
  11. Apologies for the confusion and wrong description, its a not a yellow belly.
  12. Yellow Tang 3" - $65 Yellow Belly Blue Tang 3" - $45 Both eating healthily.
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