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  1. Looking for the above. Pm me
  2. Wtb: hydra 52

    Looking for hd sorry
  3. Wtb: hydra 52

    Looking for the above light with mount. Pm with price and condition. Thanks!
  4. Mini / button scolymia

    Does anyone have experience with the button or mini scolymia from western aust? Any idea how big they grow to and if they are any different to the normal scolymia in terms of care?
  5. Yellow tang / crocea clam

    Price lowered! Tang $50 Clam $45
  6. Yellow tang 2inches $55 Crocea clam 3inches $50 Location: pasir ris
  7. Tank cycling

    I was done in 10days (process 2ppm ammonia in 24hrs and 0 nitrite) but went slow on stocking to prevent any spikes.
  8. WTS Zoa

    Still available?
  9. New Setup

    Looks like sea grapes?
  10. Here goes day 1

    I have a very similar set up. Have fun!
  11. Chiller cabinet

    Any reccomendations? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  12. Chiller cabinet

    Chiller sitting out in the open now and its a little unsightly. Thinking of getting a cabinet to house it and drilling holes / putting a instake fan for air flow. Anyone know of a good place to look for cabinets that would be suitable? Went to ikea but didnt see any suitable. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  13. WTB - Jawbreaker Mushrooms

    Taking a liking for them as well, any lfs stock them or anyone selling frags? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app