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  1. Looking for a calcium reactor setup.
  2. Looking for above with rigid mount
  3. Looking for premium zoas, pics please!
  4. 2 inches. 'reef safe' to my sps lps and soft coral but keep pestering a new xmas tree worm that i added. It ate all the hair algae on my snails too! Collect at my place at pasir ris. $60.
  5. Want to sell aus finger leather. Bright teal/greenish blue fingers. Opens up to the size of a hand. Crammed up in the corner now to make space for incoming corals. Collection at pasir ris. $80 firm.
  6. Selling a green prata. Light blue and dark blue centre with streaks running down side. 5-6inches. Crammed up in the corner at the moment to make space for others, otherwise opens up to a nice circle. $sold firm. Collection at pasir ris.
  7. Looking for the above light with mount. Pm with price and condition. Thanks!
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