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  1. Bought from someone but never had to use. Selling for $15. 922one824five
  2. Reserved pending collection tonight. Thanks all
  3. Letting some fishes go due to aggression. Blue jaw trigger $10 Bellus angel $40 Cleaner wrasse free if u decide to take the above 2. Please make sure that your tank is at least 100gallon or above to avoid the same mistake i made. Will sell to whoever comes first. Bring your own container for the fishes. 9221eight245
  4. Pending collection tonight. Thanks all
  5. Giving away jerrycan to clear space. Collection at my place Admiralty Flora. 922One824Five
  6. Dont think theyre matured enough to have eggs yet. Idk either way i cant get my hands near them.
  7. Giving my pair away. The female attacks my hand everytime im near the anemone and due to that fact i cant really get anything done in my tank. Been with me since september last year. Female is abt 2.5inches and male ard 1.5inch. I will catch them tonight during lights out. Whoever that comes first will most likely get them. Apologies for the bad picture. Contact 9twotwo18two45
  8. Reduced price $280 to clear fast.
  9. Open to trade for an artica 1/10hp or hs-28a
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