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  1. Will this work? Sent from JJtheReefer
  2. Letting go at $90. Retail price at $179. Please contact me at 93865444, thanks! Sent from JJtheReefer
  3. WTS ESHOPEE PROTEIN SKIMMER X-120 Letting go at $150 Sent from JJtheReefer
  4. letting go at $75. PM if interested or WA 93865444. Thanks. Sent from JJtheReefer
  5. Superb condition. Less than 3 months. Interested, ninethreeeightsixfivefourfourfour Sent from JJtheReefer
  6. - DYMAX SKIMMER - EXTRA SKIMMER CUP - AIR PUMP - 3 X Sander wood propeller All for $20 Interested, 9386fivefourfourfour Thanks. Sent from JJtheReefer
  7. Hey folks, Letting ECOSMART SINGLE MOUNT ARM RMS @ $70 only. If you’re keen, drop me an WA @ nine three eight six five four four four. Thanks. It’s in very good shape. Reason for selling, I mount my currently Radion XR15 on the wall itself with a hanging kit. Sent from JJtheReefer
  8. Sell to me! Haha. Sent from JJtheReefer
  9. Anyone has extra skimmer for my little in sump tank? I’m using Redsea Nano Reefer please PM. Sent from JJtheReefer
  10. Thanks for the details explanation. I shall start with small brown tang haha thanks Sent from JJtheReefer
  11. Can I check with you how long has your yellow tang stayed inside? I always wanted a tang in my Redsea Nano Reefer (28 Gallon) but advise was not to have one because tang need at least 50 gallon and above. Thanks Sent from JJtheReefer
  12. Actually I have 2 of them in my Redsea Nano Reefer for 2 years le. They are good Cleaners though. I have heard of them being toxic when the die but so far so good. Sent from JJtheReefer
  13. Letting go at $70. Used it for Radion XR15 Sent from JJtheReefer
  14. Interested to get elephant ears. If you have please DM me. Sent from JJtheReefer
  15. Interested to get elephant ears. If you have please DM me. Sent from JJtheReefer
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