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  1. Both fish withdraw from sale not selling any Threads closed
  2. Both fish reserved by Winston .jazzi
  3. Additional of the 3.5" sailfin tang + purple tang both at $100 Sailfin tang alone 20 Both fish are 2 to 3 months very stable fish
  4. 3.5" healthy purple tang goin at $110 ( can't get along with yellow tang currently place in quarantine tank with me 3 months eat anything ) Collect at Depot road
  5. Used around 10 months letting go at $35
  6. Fish tank reserved with deposit collect this weekend Thread closed
  7. I got three quarantine tank that's why I need to clear one of those....
  8. Non its bare the sand on pictures is another tank .... Only the one with qq1 skimmer tank for sale....
  9. **** Bonus **** Just add another $19 U can bring home for this rare 6.5" beautiful Twins spot warsse.... This offer only if buyer get the above any option 1 and 2 deal by this weekend.... And the additional free gift 2.5" sailfin tang.... Cheers
  10. Option 2 Tank + cabinet $190 ( without accessories ) Tank and cabinet condition 9/10 Self collect at depot road Tank still running with some fish inside used it as a quarantine tank will clear it once buyer confirmed.... top photos look ....
  11. Dimension Tank only W60CM X H33CM X D45CM Cabinet only W60CM X H85CM X D45CM
  12. W60cmxD45cmxH33cm full crystal glass ios tank with 100% solid wood build nice white cabinet with top cover Tank and cabinet condition 9/10 selling tank and cabinet goin with bm QQ1 skimmer ( used around 10 months ) and the led light and return pump ( no others accessories ) Selling at $255 cash and carry
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