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  1. Selling off my lightly used kessil A80 tuna Blue with mount. Comes with box but no receipt. Just purchased 1 months plus ago from ah beng. Looking at $170
  2. Hi guys. Selling off some used equipments. All items used not long. But I am a lazy person to keep all receipt. Just change my setup to IOS tank. So some items got to go. 1) bubble magus QQ3 hang on protein skimmer. Cleaned up / no box / no issue with it. $80 (nego) 2) zetlight za1201 WiFi model. No box. Working well. $70 3) Fluval C4 hang on filter. Cleaned up. Got box. $50 4) aquazonic 2000 UV filter. Unused. $25 5) Curved Tank 2ft by 18 by 18. $20 Collection at 080334. WhatsApp me at 87499987.
  3. Actually if your water temp doesnt hit over 30degree. Should be OK for fish only tank. Mostly people use chiller for coral tank more.
  4. I do have chiller on standby. But doesn't need to on it. Because my water stays at 25 to 27 degree normally. As my room aircon is on from midnight to 3pm/4pm.
  5. For fish only tank. (2ft by 1.5ft by 1.5ft) Ocean-free hydro pure canister filter Bubble magus QQ3 Lights : In Led R60 (buy from ah beng) For coral tank (2ft by 1ft by 3/4ft) Tidal 55 hang on filter Fluval C4 hang on filter (spare) Bubble magus QQ1 Kessil A80 tuna blue
  6. No sump. Just canister filter. Using Ocean-free hydro pure 1000 canister
  7. Learn from alot of fail attempt. But still learning.
  8. Thanks for all the warm welcome. Currently I have 2 tanks. 1 is fish only and another one is coral focus tank.
  9. Not forgetting this cute guy here. Hehe
  10. I had been into marine fish keep for 6 months only. So still consider a newbie.
  11. Hi guys I am quite new to the reefing hobby
  12. Hi guys I am quite new to the reefing hobby
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