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  1. Bali fish shipment has arrived at 32 jalan selaseh Singapore 808448
  2. We are closed every monday Tuesday to Sunday open from 11am to 10PM
  3. Philippine fish shipment arrived at 32 Jalan Selaseh ,Singapore 808448
  4. Back by popular demand , WhatsApp’s +65 93677733 or visit our shop today ! Hurry !
  5. *AquaMarin is now having the GSS !!! First item 20% off , any two items and above ( of the same brand ) all at 25% off !!! 1.AquaPharm Singapore 2.API USA 3. Algaefree USA 4. Aquarium Marine selcon USA 5. Aquarium Munster Germany 6. a) ATI Germany TUBE b) Ati Germany LIGHTSET 10% off + free tubes ) 7. Brightwell USA 8. Caribsea USA 9. Dupla Marin Germany 10. Eden Italy 11. Grotech Germany 12. LuminiAqua China 13. Labs China 14. Nature Ocean USA 15. New Life Spectrum USA 16. NP Holland 17. Ocean Nutrition Thailand 18. Omega USA 19. Polyfilter USA 20. Polyp Lab Canada 21. Reef nutrition USA 22.Red Sea ISRAEL 23. Rowa Germany 24 Salifert Holland 25. SKIMZ Singapore 26. Spectra China 27. Two Little Fish USA *Those not mentioned, please check with shop directly for their sales discount . Pre order is available upon full payment deposit for non-ready stock item. Open daily including public holidays 11-10pm Tel: 63837277 / +6598552567(Miss Poh Yee) Add: 32 Jalan Selaseh S(808448) Closed on every Monday
  6. *Clearance sales for SOME Aquarium Munster Dr bassleer fish food ! 40% off while stock last !!! *
  7. Philippine fish shipment arrived at 32 Jalan Selaseh ,Singapore 808448
  8. With effect May 2019 . We will be closed on every Monday !
  9. Philippine fish shipment has arrived at 32 Jalan Selaseh ,Singapore 808448
  10. Sri Lanka Fish shipment has arrived at 32 Jalan Selaseh ,Singapore 808448
  11. Bali fish shipment arrived at 32 Jalan Selaseh ,Singapore 808448
  12. We are close for Chinese new year on day 1 and 2 (5 FEB -6FEB 2019)* Resume on day 3 (7 FEB 2019). Happy chinese new year!!!
  13. New! Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor ZAR127 and ZAR157 Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor (ZAR) is a replacement product of its predecessor the ZM manual series. It is powered by only 1 DC controllable pump and there are 2 pre-set flushing modes that will provide ease of operation for the usage of zeolite method. The ZAR reactor pipeless design helps to reduce its footprint which is perfect for hobbyists with limited space. Changing of media is also made easy with the split body design, an upper body for media and lower body for pump. Each body is provided with a flanged end for quick release. Features: • 2 Pre-Set Flushing Mode • 4 Pre-Set Flow Rates • Pause Mode for dosing bacteria • Double-Speed Button Skimz ZAR reactor consists of 4 pre-set flow rates for different volume of zeolite media: • ZAR127 – 1=0.3, 2=0.6, 3=0.9 and 4=1.2L media • ZAR157 – 1=0.9, 2=1.8, 3=2.7 and 4=3.5L media Hobbyists can select the desired flow rate according to the amount of media they use and with a press of a button the flow rates can be double up for faster absorption of unwanted nutrient. Hobbyists can also choose either of the 2 Pre-Set Flushing Modes when operating the reactor. Each mode has different characteristic which is in line with the old twice a day and new automated hourly flushing method. • Mode 1: Twice a day flushing • Mode 2: Automated hourly flushing The New Skimz ZAR reactor can fulfill the needs of both schools of old and new users will not have to worry about forgetting the twice daily jolting. It will reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain a zeolite system. Skimz ZAR127 Pump: Skimz QP4.0 Body diameter: 120mm Power consumption: max. 30W Dimensions: L157 x D170 x H460mm Zeolith media: up to 1.2L For aquarium: up to 480L Skimz ZAR157 Pump: Skimz QP7.0 Body diameter: 150mm Power consumption: max. 60W Dimensions: L190 x D207 x H520mm Zeolith media: up to 3.5L For aquarium: up to 1,400L
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