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  1. Looking for a bi colour hammer. Prefer to have min of 2 heads. If green, looking for the toxic green ones
  2. I'm looking for a gold torch. Prob Indo ones. Stable torch.
  3. Selling at 60 No more reagents. 2 vials included. Self. Collection at punggol, 823683
  4. Thanks for the offers I already have a gold torch, dragon soul and a green torch. Any Contrasting torches feel free to pm me
  5. Pm me if you have a stable hammer and torches to let go. Ideally more than 1 head. Pic and price pls
  6. Fishes nto for sale for now. Kiv.
  7. Selling both at 100. Both are small in size. Buyer have to take both Feeding on Pallet, mysis and grazing.
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