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  1. Don't need any. Booster pump? Ehat about the waste ratio?
  2. Where did you get the split return nozzle. From?
  3. Yes yes! Came across this video before. Gorgeous reef! I'll consider having 3..thanks for sharing!
  4. You used filter floss. For mechanical filtration?
  5. Hm 3 Xr15 won't be overkill?. Planning on 2 tho with their diffusers.
  6. Check out the neat sump. Media basket was also included. I'm. Not sure if I want to install a Clarisea roller. 8nthink it's. A 300 micron socks. The chore of having it to clean every few days.
  7. Yeah! I'm quite amazed how red sea tanks are well Built. They even updated the sump. There's a compartment for a fuge. Might not run them for now. I'll see how the parameters are. If need be. I'll run the AF carbon and phos minus in a reactor.
  8. FreshnMarine staffs came to delivery the tank.! The stand and tank quality is great!
  9. Tank ordered! I'm still contemplating whether to get a new one or used light set
  10. Hi anyone selling off the above mentioned light please pm me. I'm. Looking for 2 to 3 units. If possible with rms stand. Thank you!
  11. Red Sea reefer 250 limited edition does it come with a mmthe upgraded sump?
  12. That's what I read too. For now Maybe I'll get 2l.of siporax. Hoepfully it'll suffice
  13. The limited edition RSR appealed to my CO. She claimed it matched the theme of our home. I'll be running ok aquaforet sys. I think they have products to enhance the nitrification process. Hopefully it'll. Keep the nitrates and phos down. Clarisea roller mats cost a bomb. A roll lifespan is worth 2 to 3 months of filtering detritus is great. Maybe for now I'll mod the holder to cater to other brands 9f filter socks
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