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  1. reserved pending collection tonight
  2. Free tiger tail sea cucumber first come first serve. Bought it today but it keeps floating around in my tank...haha
  3. Hi all, looking for cheap beginner lps corals to try out. Also looking for torches and hammers. Thanks!!
  4. Aquatic avenue is the distributor if not wrong they should have it
  5. I don't chase numbers so never performed any perimeters test before haha so cant advice on that. However in the near future when I start adding corals and require dosing I hope the apex trident is in sg by then. However base on paper supposedly Tropic marin more for those who want a baseline to start building up perimeters from there . Whereby Red sea salt water changes probably enough to maintain.
  6. Salt finished and was setting up a new tank. After watch brstv and angmohs raving so much on it just had to try it since its price is not very far off. No regrets on how easy it mixes, my new tank I added water in powered on all pumps then add salt in. Instantly clears up.
  7. I went from red sea pro to tropic marin pro very happy with it. Mixes superbly easily and fast.
  8. Hmm stocking list haven't decided fully, but will be a mixed reef though 2 clownfish 1 yellow tang 1 blue tang 1 purple tang 1 gem tang (maybe) 1 flame angel 1 emperor angel 1 firefish Need some ideas for CUC & maybe more utilitarian to keep my sand white and clean Corals need guidance and recommendation too. As of now not a SPS person. Like more moving and colorful corals.
  9. Haha yes aside for the waiting part. Though 3 weeks has passed since getting the tank wet. It's ready for fishes after a water change. My concern with marinepure is more of the AL leeching reported by reef2reef, so trying to play it safe. Have ordered maxspect bioballs and brightwell aquatics xport bio bricks to try this time.
  10. Thanks bro! Cables currently anyhow throw. Waiting for CB to be over go ikea to buy raw materials to make a control center with apex.
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