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  1. u can try the new hailea HK150......with booster and runs more quiet
  2. bro, i got a new AI Hydra (Black), think its the first generation still in a box. Name a price and its yours........ cheers
  3. our show tank is 150x80x60cm rimless and we using 19mm...... as your tank height is 20", 15mm should be ok but it may bow little
  4. u can try the Eshopps hang on skimmer as well..... run on sicce needle wheel pump
  5. if u suspend it, it should be ok..... u have refurbish set that meets your budget
  6. u can request from Auntie and we will arrange to have it available there. 5L thermal packaging - SGD58
  7. Hi all, Customer going to work overseas next month and selling this setup cheap. Paid more than $6k for the whole setup which is less than 6 months old. L3xW2xH4ft 25mm Acrylic Tank, 4ft glossy black cabinet + hood, sump and piping BM C9 Protein skimmer HS28A Chiller + Feeding Pump Jebao controllable wavemaker Normal Led light - Blue and white Hailea Return Pump Live rocks @ 30 kgs Maxspect Bio Media 2kg Photo of the tank was taken today 13th Feb 2019. Please note there is some small scratches in the acrylic tank which can be buff away (common for acrylic tank). Looking at SGD1000 fix without transportation. Will decom this tank once we have a confirm buyer as its currently running. Only will sell to someone who can collect this full setup by this month and pay in full. We will charge SGD400 for transportation if we are to arrange. Interested buyer can msg me at 97525051.
  8. nice to see old reefer....... free come by chit chat. corals now are more expensive not like 10yrs ago
  9. u can use a HS28A which is less than $400..... Chiller will still be a better choice rather than using a Fan
  10. we have a used BM CR150 WP with ARMS media, Milwaukee PH controller, solenoid and regulator and C02. Media and C02 is full Asking for SGD380
  11. Hi, Anyone have a large RBTA for sale? You can PM or msg me at 97525051 on the price and location Thanks
  12. we got a use Razor Nano 60w if you interested Cheers
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