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  1. ATI Sunpower diming 8x39watts brand new in box (no tubes)....... offer me a price, if its reasonable i will sell you Cheers
  2. LFS are not able to sell livestock during the CB. As of today, no LFS can open shop till 1st June 2020.
  3. nice to find a gem with a sharp eye
  4. our shipment arriving tomorrow afternoon.... what u listed, we should have in our shipment
  5. we have one refurbish 130w 15k if u interested
  6. want white rock can look for caribsea moani rocks.......
  7. i got a brand new in box ATI 8x 39watts sunpower dimming (exclude tubes). Please name a price and i will consider selling
  8. http://deaquatic.com/home/product?id=458&type=c this as well
  9. we sell them..... http://deaquatic.com/home/product?id=1112&type=c We also sell by per sachet too
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