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  1. we got 50 boxes here..... HI713
  2. our reagent all stock up..... can look at your nearest LFS too
  3. we have one refurbish 130w 15k if u interested
  4. want white rock can look for caribsea moani rocks.......
  5. i got a brand new in box ATI 8x 39watts sunpower dimming (exclude tubes). Please name a price and i will consider selling
  6. http://deaquatic.com/home/product?id=458&type=c this as well
  7. we sell them..... http://deaquatic.com/home/product?id=1112&type=c We also sell by per sachet too
  8. u can try the new hailea HK150......with booster and runs more quiet
  9. bro, i got a new AI Hydra (Black), think its the first generation still in a box. Name a price and its yours........ cheers
  10. our show tank is 150x80x60cm rimless and we using 19mm...... as your tank height is 20", 15mm should be ok but it may bow little
  11. u can try the Eshopps hang on skimmer as well..... run on sicce needle wheel pump
  12. if u suspend it, it should be ok..... u have refurbish set that meets your budget
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