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  1. Maxspect Gyre 300 Series

    http://deaquatic.com/product-category/maxspect/?orderby=date Prices can be found at our website
  2. Chiller cabinet

    the best is to custom one base on your chiller size
  3. WTB IM desktop ghost skimmer

    SGD100 new if you interested.... only 1pc
  4. you need to get a DC pump with SINE technology...... cheapest one is Jebao DCP pump, cheap and good. You can opt for the DCP5000 or 6500 for your 4ft tank which is less then $150
  5. Caribsea Products

    No need to bleach, dry your live rocks anymore..... Just buy them off the shelf and you can start scaping them. You can purchase them at any of our distributing LFS........ Reefing made simpler
  6. Caribsea Products

    Moani Dry Life rocks from Caribsea Ready to use right from the box, no weeks of curing to make it safe for your aquarium. No dangerous organics, wild pH spikes, or hitchhikers. Real aragonitic calcium carbonate rock of marine origin, beautiful shapes and nice color, and takes coralline algae growth easily too. Plenty of nooks for placing inverts and plenty of macro and micro porosity for incrediblebiological filtration. MoaniTM Dry Live Rock actually contains real live bacteria so cycling is quick and easy. MoaniTM rock is not clunky rock, and not dense either. The pieces are nice andgnarly! A variety in each box ranging from fist to football sized
  7. Vectra L1 or Reef Octopus Varios 8

    If thats the case, why not opt for the Apex Neptune COR20 pump which can run stand alone. And will be compatible to Neptune system for future use. COR20 is SGD580
  8. Wtb 3ft Ati light set

    new one can?
  9. Vectra L1 or Reef Octopus Varios 8

    consider the new Sicce DC pump? Got APPS and 5 years warranty and its made from Italy.... Price wise is reasonable
  10. Lighting help

    come and try and look at the Maxspect Ethereals....
  11. Bubble Magus Skimmers

  12. We are Hiring!

    hi all We are still open for hiring. Please email or contact us if you are interested,
  13. WTB Caribsea Tahitian Black Moon Sand

    we have them for sale....... 20lbs
  14. our recent project....... on the right you can see the trunking, copper pipings and cables. Of course once the tank and cabinet is installed, all will be hidden out of sight