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  1. Interested Bugatti med 2. If still avail can wp me at 9430-2988 thanks
  2. Excellent! Will arrange to pick from u. Cheers
  3. Always amazing! I I take the nuclear green zoas if still avail Cheers
  4. Hi Mate, Any chance tht u hv an extra frags to sell for the below 2? 2.)Encrusting green monti with neon blue polyp (rare) $80/frag plug 9.)Purple Bonsai $40 Thanks My contact is Bennet, 9430-2988
  5. Colony all sold. Still have many frags available. Each frags abt 2 inches with 5-6 heads
  6. Thanks Mate. Ur right, posted the name wrongly. Pai sai.....
  7. 2 pieces of GBN for sale. $15 each Size approx 4 to 5 cm See attached pix. Interested contact me at 94302988 Thanks!
  8. Frags of the Fluorescent Green Birdsnest (Seriatopora hystrix) for sale. Is a rare case of a beautiful coral that is also hardy and grows very fast Selling at $15 to $20 per frag Bigger colony also available Pls contact me if interested, 9430-2988 Collection at Blk 112, Edgefield Plains. Pix of mother colony and frags attached. My cam can't capture the original colour so also attached a pix from the net too.
  9. Big piece collected. Left with 2 frags... 2 by 4 cm as per attached 1st pix Thanks!
  10. Looking to sell GSP. See attached pix. $30 for the big piece ( 9 by 12 cms ) $15 frag as per pix Interested can sms me at 94302988 Thanks!
  11. Pick up location is at Blk 112, Edgefield Plains. Thanks!
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