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  1. Would you like to trade for blue shrooms? I have a few floating polyps here and there too and some attached to rock. Can do 1 for 1 trade
  2. I'm interested, PMing you a query
  3. Thank you all for the helpful responses! I will consider the points carefully. Cheers!
  4. some accounts can see some cannot. would a moderator help please?

  5. Hello, I am looking for a new setup to rehouse my aged livestock, is your setup for a 3ft tank? Am actually thinking of getting a whole setup with chiller. Could you PM me more photos or details of the various parts and quote me a price for the whole? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I have been in this hobby since 2002 but have not been following the forums very closely due to other commitments, Am thinking of redoing my current setup to a more easily-maintained 2-3ft one with sump and maybe chiller. My current setup is a 45cm tall 2ft running on 2 x t5 with HOB eheim liberty skimmer and a Red Sea Prizm skimmer. Fishes died some time back, mushrooms, green star polyps, a few zoas and RBTA anemone are doing well, RBTA split off two daughter clones. Tank is terribly overgrown with algae because I have been very lazy. Halimeda has been growing profusely as well. Would appreciate it if you guys here had any ideas to toss up regarding where I can purchase a good and cheap tank with a sump and refugium. Would prefer it if the setup was premade instead of built-to order, but I am still thinking out what to do so just appreciate any suggestions first. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for the info. Bicinctus look pretty good as well and they do host in BTAs if I'm not wrong. Anyone who has any for sale do let me know!
  8. I am looking for a pair of tank-raised clowns if possible for my 2ft. Would like to get them a bit younger if possible. Must be compatible with my red bubble tip anemones. Can anyone advise me if there is anyone selling them? Thanks
  9. Has anyone seen healthy dwarf angels recently with good color? The smaller ones like the rusty and argi angels are nice.
  10. sorry, cancelling order, i don't need it at the moment. apologies
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