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  1. Marine seminar by Aquacraft

    Conrad: We have danced around long enough. Here are direct answers to your questions and concerns. 1) RAG welcomes all SG RC.... FACT. RAG welcomes anyone with interest in marine aquarium keeping. 2) RAG will not ban.... FACT. Just so long as you can support your statements.... 3) RAG will not kill a thread..... competitive items.... No vested interest ... FACT. 4) RAG is decicated to offering.... FACT 5) This thread is for all SG RC members that are interested in the May 27 seminar.. FACT. Everything I posted on RAG is 100% accurate. If some of the things I implied fit into your shoes, then it must be so. If they do not, then why bother being concerned and pretend to be upset? 6) Cannot open the link you provided. 7) RAG is the new home... FACT... it appears that there are many disgrunted SG RC members. These members can use RAG, SGReefing, RC, or any other site they choose. 8) I look for posts... FACT. 9) RAG is the place for free thinking and spirited people that find it offensive to have their posts deleted... FACT. Not too many people support a web site that censors their posts. 10) Welcome to all... FACT. At NO TIME did I address, critizize or ill treat any moderator of SRC. Moderators usually offer their time to help a site they support. In most cases, moderators of sites do a great job following the guidance of the site owner or administrator. I have not bulldozed my way to anything. I posted that we were planning a seminar. I asked Arofanatics members to spread the word. The word reached SRC. At the same time, I was advised via email and PM's by unhappy SRC'ers of events that they found distasteful. At no time have I discredited or showed disrespect for any marine keeper in Singapore. -- In reality it is the opposite. All I have been saying is that this event is for the sole benefit of interested individuals that are into keeping marine aquariums. People are traveling up to half way around the world at their expense. They are willing to give their time and offer their expertise in a non-commercial effort to assist interested reefers gain knowledge and insight as to what others are doing in other parts of the world. Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. This was and is from information I learned from a lot unhappy S'pore aquarists. When people are unhappy, they have several options.... a) They can leave a site. They can move to another site and voice their opinions, objections and concerns. c) They can start their own web site. This has already happend, right in your back yard. If I had received one or two emails or PM's from unhappy people, I would think they were isloated instances. However, I received well over 18 PM's and emails. All indicating the same concerns. -- There has to be some basis for these people to address the same issues in virtually the same manner. When I contacted several potential sponsors, those that import, wholesale and represent top quality items, I was informed that for what ever reason, they wanted nothing to do with you! What ever you did to piss some heavy hitters off, you did quite well. I have done my best to work around those that prefered not to be associated with any project you are part of. However, these people represent items that are not only top quality, they are sold in most shops. However these items are not promoted on SRC. As you offered on RAG earlier this day when you slammed one of our members, it is about sponsors. I asked several shops to pass out printed flyers to all their interested customers detailing our seminar. When some shops learned that I have been trying to get you to support this event, they turned their back. -- I have been working though this difficult situation. The way you have acted with this situation must be the same way you act on the street. You have indicated that you planned a seminar in Feb. We had planned our seminar before that. That is not the issue. What is at the core is that when you found out we were going to have a seminar, you were chating with us.. while contacting potential speakers for your event, at the same time. Intentionally knowing your small market/target audience would be split with dual events on the same night. I personally emailed you asking for your support... you never replied. Matt Boyd emailed you, you never replied. In fact, when Matt Boyd wanted to post a warning regarding the possibility of counterfeit goods with his trade mark... You informed him that he had to become a paying sponsor, before he could post anything. He asked for all the necessary information so he could in fact become a paying sponsor. He never received anything from you. Mr. Boyd has posted with this information earlier this day on RAG. Thus far, you have not addressed his charges. All this time we are communicating with you in an effort to make a seminar that is totally for the benefit of all interested Singaporian marine aquarium keepers. At the same time, you are skirting issues, posting lenghly posts on RAG. It is obvious that you were grabbing at air, putting a spin on what was being said. This was backed up by many PM's and emails I received from some that understand your great ability to play on sympathy. There is no doubt that you have created a good web site. However, you do not own the internet, the S'pore marine scene, or respect from many of your members. When you openly tell people that our seminar is an Illegal Meeting.. we all looked at each other and wondered... Do we have to get a permit or pemission from this guy? Who does this guy think he is? Earlier this day I spent more time in an effort to try to bridge any gaps between us. I learned from my agent, you told him I should FO. This was just after the time I think you realized that it was either time to dump or get off the pot.... E.g. you realized that if you commited to supporting a unified seminar, you would have to publically declare that you would a) support a unified seminar. you would be responsible for providing refreshments and show internationally known Singaporian hospatiality... I.e. You would have to spend some money feeding those that visited the seminar. I have been dealing in the aquarium industry for over three decades. I have dealt with a variety of personalties. I have taken nothing between us personally. After all, no one is making any money from this seminar. It is for the benefit of the people. All the best. MDP
  2. Marine seminar by Aquacraft

    Conrad: You are not acting like you want to work any differences out. Can we agree that all past differences be put behind us so we can move on in a positive direction. This for the benefit of all interested individuals in Singapore?
  3. Marine seminar by Aquacraft

    Dear Conrad: Thank you for your very long post on RAG. "If we can work together on this marine seminar by Aqua Craft and Boyd Enterprises, so be it". I am glad you chose option #1. Now we can move on.
  4. Post Your Favourite Fish here!!!!

    One of my fav's is the Chrysurus angel. This animal was collected and shipped from NE Africa. I made this photo in a shop in the USA. The selling price was USD $1600.00. Sorry for the product photo insert, but I do not post original photos without either a product photo or copyright.
  5. Marine seminar by Aquacraft

    Politics are definately our concern... especially when these "politics" govern what we are alllowed to view, the information that is offered and the products we have access to. If I am in error regarding this situation, please inform me and I will set the record straight.
  6. Marine seminar by Aquacraft

    I am thinking to have the Marine Seminar on May 27. All this depends on the individual that contacted me regarding a suitable meeting place. After I learn the status of the location, I will contact a few other industry professionals that will be in town during this time. Enclosed is a pix of one of our marine aquariums. Cheers. MDP <<Advertising removed by SRC Moderators>>
  7. Marine seminar by Aquacraft

    Hello S'pore Reefers: Thanks for posting this propoed Marine Seminar on your fine site. This is not a commercial event.... however, those that with to contribute items and shops that with to contribute gift certificates... AKA Freebies are welcome to do so. My original idea was to have a small group, perhaps 50ish people... exchange information, ideas, put an end to the foundationless gossip, etc. I have been contacted by an aquarist that has indicated he can possibly secure a meeting place that would accomodate 100+ people. I am also working with one of the local shops to get informaiton out for this event. If in the next week this looks like a strong venue, I will ask a few fellow professionals that will be S'pore for AquaRama to join in and share valuable information they possess. If anyone wants to contact me directly, I can be reached at: [email protected] Make the subject line... "Marine Seminar". I hope there is enough interest by interested individuals and shops to make this dream a reality. And... if SG RC wants to make this their First Official Meeting... GREAT! Thank you for your time. Michael Del Prete