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  1. Hi sleexox, I have been wanting to help answer but it has been very frustrating when SRC has been intermittently inaccessible. 1.What are the dimensions of your DT? 40g long 2.Do you think a skimmer is necessary for a macro-algae tank? If you can afford the space, yes. I traded the skimmer for more space so that I can have a bigger collection of macro-algae in the refugium as 'backup'. 3.Are you currently using any po4 remover like rowaphos etc? Yes, GAC too. macro-algae does not 100% clean the water. In certain situation, it may even make the water more green or yellow. I do monitor the PO4 to ensure it is still traceable so that the macros are not totally starved. 4. Any other tips Replicate zones with different flow rate in the tank with the wave maker. Certain macros do have flow requirement, especially the non-green ones. Avoid angelfish, tang if possible. Hope there are helpful
  2. This was taken on a sunny day, top-down view of the Rics after tanning under the natural sunlight for the whole day. The LEDs are turned on only in the evening.
  3. Available again. Harvested from the tank shown here.
  4. Thank you! Yea, those macros are not uncommon at all. Just not as easy to sell due to the smaller market here. I've gotten from the purple octodes from MarineLife long ago and am trading them for other macros
  5. The green and purple Ochtodes are overgrown and i'll be harvesting them soon Still no luck with the reds though, they're turning dull (dark) and have stopped growing for quite a while... The Ricordea florida and yuma are doing well too so far. Have also added 2 dragon face pipefishes recently. I think they are happy with the pods population The Ochtodes started creeping up the mangrove and above the tank I've been 'acclimating' the air-plants for the salty environment, for a new project coming up
  6. multicolor preferred. I've already found them
  7. Happy New Year everyone! Here is something new in my setup. The water temperature can get as high as 30 Degree C when the tank is exposed to direct sun, so I DIY-ed solar-powered cooling fans to run during the sunny days. Will share the results of the effectiveness when I've more data.
  8. Let me know if you are still unable to get GHA. i've at least 5 different green macros which are suitable for display. If it's for only to be used as a filter, might be easier to get Cheato from anyone staying near your area? It's quite easy to find nowadays.
  9. Sure, it is also known as Pacific Reef Address 471 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389430
  10. Thank you Sherman! Any luck with the macros so far?
  11. Thanks JMW! There are 2 major sponges which I've no idea the exact species and their requirements, so i'm doing a variety of things such as dosing silica, dosing carbon and feeding phytoplankton every once in a while! Gotten it from AhBeng Aquarium
  12. One more FTS + Rics collection before we crossed over to 2019
  13. 20 more available! $10 for 10 mini stars. Bigger stars in the picture for reference only. Min 10 stars per purchase Self collect at my place or voiddeck only (Clementi) PM to arrange
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