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  1. Selling a set of Brand new Red Plant Grow LED set for DIY enthusiast to set up lights for Algae Scrubber. Selling for $30. Set consist of the following 5 items: 1. Heat Sink (17cm x 17cm, thickness 4.5cm) 2. 10 x Red Plant Growth LED 3. 10 x 90deg LED Lens 4. LED driver 5. Heat Sink Glue for sticking the LED The heat sink is thick so it can stand firmly upright and thick enough to dissipate heat, no need for additional fan on the heat sink. What it will look like after setting up (pic from my previous set up). Pm me if interested.
  2. Selling 4 x 24W(2 ft) T5 retrofit set. Very good condition, reflectors like brand new. Comes with used T5 tubes. Selling for $100. Interested pls pm me contact number. Thanks.
  3. Selling a set of very good condition 4 x 24W (2 feet) T5 retrofit set for $120 (fixed). Reflectors like brand new. New metal T5 clips that won't break unlike plastic clips. Comes with 6months old ATI tubes. Pm me if interested.
  4. Looking for Aquabee 1000L/hr pump. Pls pm me if you have 1 for sale. Thanks
  5. Giving away my remaining Live Sand + 1 small portion of dried sand. Sand enough for nano setup. Live Sand in a container with lotsa tube worms, pods and baby snails. Self collect at my place please. Pm me if you want them, FOC.
  6. Selling Tonga LR. Multi-branch and alive with tiny tube worms, brittle stars and pods on them. Selling the batch for $60. Also giving away a tub of live sand with tube worms growing in them (i deliberately planted the tube worms inside the sand), plus 1 frag of zoas. Tongas were bleached, vinegar soaked, sun-dried before placing into tank. Pic of Tongas before placing in tank. Please gauge the size of the Tongas yourself. The base of the pic is the standard full page of newspaper. Pm me if interested to arrange collection. FCFS please.
  7. Selling my remaining AquaForest Phosphate Minus media + Phosban Reactor for $38. PO4 Minus media left about 75-80% (used twice, see pic), Phosban Reactor has hairline crack on body and cover. Epoxy the cover and no leak, not for fussy people. Pm me if interested.
  8. Selling this clear plastic mesh for DIY cover to prevent fishes (especially wrasses) from jumping out of the tank. Bought this mesh from a fellow reefer when i saw he DIY a nice cover to prevent fishes jumping, and this clear mesh do not block lights into the tank. Was told he ordered the mesh from US, and sold me his spare piece. Measures 61 inches x 32 inches (5ft x 2.5ft). Bought from him for $45, selling $35. Not used before. Pm me if interested.
  9. WTS: 1 x Emerald Crab (Bubble algae eater) + 1 turbo snail for $10. Pm me if interested. Thanks.
  10. Also. whoever wants Chaeto can come collect. FOC.
  11. Fishes and shrimps collected. Still Available: 1. Convict Tang (fat and feed on pellets off my fingers). 2. Debelius Reef Lobster 3. 1 x Emerald Crab (Bubble algae eater!) 4. Red Starfish.
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