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  1. hi, keen in you scrubber. Where to collect? my phone 98539323 heng. $30 can?

  2. Very nice tank with lotsa awesome SPS! Must visit to view your tank one day! Glad I was able to help!
  3. Anyone knows the ID for this unique shrimp/crab? It's translucent blue in colour. Close up
  4. One of the nicest tank I've seen!
  5. 3ft x 1.5ft width x 1ft height. Mainly SPS, with some LPS.
  6. I've been using tap water (with anti-chlorine) for my tank. No problem so far.
  7. Nearest MRT is Songshan Airport (松山機場). From there, u can either take a 35mins walk (1 straight road) to Minquan East Road, 5 Section (民權東路,5段)or take a cab for about 5-10mins.
  8. wow! So fast full house oredi! Looking good!
  9. Nice tank and beautiful sps! Welcome to this forum!
  10. I may be wrong, but this is what I understand. Fully open doesn't mean best performance, because it's a balance of air intake, rated pump (litres/hr), size of skimmer (diameter, height). Too much air may create turbulence in the skimmer body, lowering the foaming performance. That's why there's an adjustable air intake for u to adjust to try to get the "sweet spot". This is a quote from Reefkeeping.com: The airflow rate entering a skimmer should produce a full upward blossom of bubbles without excessive turbulence, and is theoretically determined as a function of skimmer diameter, length, bombardment rate and absolute contact time.
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