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  1. heh....not really back in hobby....too busy with work and gaming still....just pop in to say hi... How's your awesome tank? TY JC85.....surprise pple still remember me...been a long time
  2. wow....been away for so long.....and AT still have to handle all these...heh
  3. really look like a gathering now...
  4. sucks....I havent got a chance to get a peek at it yet.... Missed X-men too.... so I guess lots of things to catch up with and a tank to
  5. not much now..was lost in Online gaming for quite a while and busy with my girl....(going 19 months) GOT a recall from I am here... Will be redoing the whole tank soon...
  6. Flub is ard and in Singapore other forums for Mommies and their babies...
  7. I am always Didnt catch my latest movie?
  8. that is the point.... sell what you think may not suit your tank or outgrow your tank space... IMO... no need to go for a bidding system.... (it may create unnecessary rise in price of corals and generate a false value of what a coral may really worth, thus misleading beginning hobbyists) if you want that little attention to your corals, my suggestion is to put a REASONABLE cap to the bid, let the buyer pm you for a buyout. some suggestions..may want to consider a little
  9. just take a little more time to craft the words'll make a lot of difference.. Stay Cool and you 'll find lots of helpful people in this forum! I have made many frens here, some of them may sound rather hush on line..but they r really cool dudes in real life
  10. should see my skimmer....I avoid opening my cardboard true...I have been procrastinating in getting the tunzes cleaned, setting up the FR.....changed the bulbs, get the Co2 refilled........too many things to do...
  11. saw lots of great tanks.....really impressed Guess local reefers have really up the standard in their reefing husbandry skills... Now I look at my algae infested tank.....really got to work harder and spent some time a week to do some maintainance.... Here's a humble tank shot.....(photoshoped to sharpen pic.....coz my photo skills still
  12. On behalf of my Trigger Queen....pmed you
  13. Thanks for your kind words guys ....I am now just a happy reefer that wont go crazy over the coloured sticks anymore. Brown or dull acros are hope to keep the record going on and document the devt of my reef tank... A lot more to learn from all the gurus guys have gained so much knowledge and experience in SPS keeping
  14. NICE TRIGGERS a well-fed pink tail trigger is very stunning! (unlike those u see in LFS) if you want to let go your triggersssss... my tank got space n my triggers always welcome new frens!! and your tank is still as stunning.
  15. cool..thanks but stocking days are over.... I will let what I have grow and hopefully they will provide a more natural look to the tank eventually found another favourite soli table ---> only thing done to the photo --> reduce size