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  1. All items take.. Will contact you all if any of them backout. Thanks for your interest.
  2. I have that puffer for 4 years already. Busy with work no time to take care. Hope someone else can take care.
  3. Hi, I am giving up and have 1 X large puffer (about 6 inches long) and 1 X hawkfish to giveaway. Collection near Clementi. Bring your own pail. While you are here, can collect a few kilo (2-3kg) of life rock also. PM me if you are interested. Collection on 26th Oct 2012 between 10am - 12pm. Thanks
  4. they took over from Harlequin. Harlequin moved back to the previous shop.
  5. Oyama less messy...Anybody got any experience ? Thanks
  6. Hi, I DIY my own overflow with white PVC pipe. I was thinking of wrapping it with Oyama self adhesive. Note that the overflow is in the tank. Anybody done it before ? Also, how long do I have to wait before putting it into the tank ? Any problem with fishes and corals ? Thanks
  7. Hi, use bigger pipe. I used 25mm on 50mm PvC.
  8. C328 also have...$5 for 2.
  9. G'day mate! This is Darkness currently in Sydney. Just managed to settle the family in. Haven't start checking out the LFS here. Anybody know any LFS in the north part of Sydney? Do let me know. Also, how are my ex-fishes and ex-corals doing? cheers from Down-under.
  10. Brothers and Sisters, "mai kan chiong" Don't worry, I will reply one lah. Anyway, Fatman is the first, so reserved for him. Anyway, for those who PM me, thanks. For those who can't read the message properly, please read the message properly before you send me the PM. I am selling it as a PACKAGE. <QUOTE> No individual Selling !!!</QUOTE> sigh.....
  11. Hi, I got the following fishes to clear. All very fat. 1 X Yellow Tang 2 X Maroon Clown 1 X Domino Damsel 1 X Blue Green Chromis 2 X Yellow Tail Damsel (Blue) 2 X Yellow Tail Silver Damsel 2 X Turbo Snail 1 x small zebra hermit crab All for S$25. Package deal only. No individual selling. Collection at my house near Clementi. Interested, please PM for reservation. Picture as attached. Thanks
  12. All item reserved except Item 4 & 6. Thanks
  13. Item 1 reserved by Islander...the rest still available..
  14. Item 7: 5 rocks with assorted buttons. Total coming to 1kg. See picture for more details. Selling Price: S$10/= Collection place: My house @ Faber Crest (near Clementi Ave 6) Interested party, please PM for collection arrangement. First come first serve only.
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