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  1. SRC safe reefing anymore? An ugly side of reefing?

    Hmmmmm.... Still got tis typye of people...
  2. Help with Zoas

    Ur zoas need more light. Try to put it higher...
  3. Wat light r u using bro... Mine under razor led light open big n color is nice green when i put it high n good wave... maybe u wanna shift it higher...
  4. My life

    Nice scaping n nice fishes bro... keep it up...
  5. Zoas - Your Fantacy Collection

    Omg!!!! Must go raid ur place liao... hehehe Ups for nice superb zoas....
  6. Tats a mohawk zoas.... Ups for ur sale bro....
  7. Id the thing at my zoas

    Is it moving? Look like a sponge to me...

    Can dropby to iwarna frag room over e weekend bro... plenty of sps frag for u at $10 for now...
  9. Ask aunty or any of e regular there... they will guide u to e frag room...
  10. Visit my frag room at iwarna. Plenty of sps frag for $10...
  11. Wtb frags

    Visit my frag room.... plenty for u... hehehe
  12. WTS Bonsai Rock Work

    Nice job gerl. Been there n done tat. Its not easy to do it. Ups for ur sale... I miss doin those art piece....
  13. Fantasy SPS & Zoas Frags

    Nice to c u back bro... Ups for ur gems sale...
  14. wts : red color acan with stripe

    Ups for nice acan. Well kept colors...
  15. wts : zoas

    Nice zoas... ups for u bro... If im not mistaken, its call sweet dreamz zoas...