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  1. Here's the specs for my water condition: Ammonia, nitrite - undetectable Nitrate - 5ppm Mg - 1350 Ca - 480 kH - 12 PO4 - 0.03 pH - 8.3 Temp - 26 Degrees Tank Specs: Length - ~4.2ft Width - ~1.5ft Height - ~3.1ft Lighting - 250W MH with color temp of 12k Turnover rate for tank is 10X and using a tunze 6080 (8500lph) for main tank. Tried to keep several SPS with different positioning(thought it might be due to the flow rate or lighting) but they just turn white within a week or so. SPS are never placed more than 1ft from the light source, but they still turn white. Any ideas anyone?
  2. Looking for some super suns, please pm me with the pics and asking price. Thanks!
  3. will post a pic by tonight. but one point that i got to point out is that it was doing fine in that spot for one week only, cos i bought it recently.
  4. My prata is bleaching zzz. It was fine until one day i fed it a small piece of prawn. 3 days later it started to not open up. The meat suck until very tight. then I went genting, come back, see it has started to bleach. now it can open up a bit, but beecoming transparent liao. What to do!? should i change the location? Water parameters all ok.
  5. well i guess so. maybe a better word to use would be immature? lol
  6. I used to go for black, cos i thought it made the tnak look bigger, spacier etc. now my tank is in the middle of the house, up to the ceiling, so no more background.
  7. Alot of people are like that one la, usually those in their teens.
  8. Hey all, Recently just shifted hse, so got a bigger tank this time lol. Had a sump tank last time, but its those refugium kind, so didnt use all these additives before haha. Now change to the biological kind. Anyways, what are coral chips for? Do i have to 1) wash it once in a while 2) Replace them once in a while or 3) Leave it alone? How about denitrate? Cos its a new tank, and denitrate removes ammonia, nitrite and nitrates (says on the packaging), will it affect my cycling? Like no ammonia, then the bacteria which converts ammonia to nitrite will not grow.. etc. Then last one is activated carbon. I poured it into a filter bag, and i washed it. alot of times. but its forever releasing black stuff lol. what to do? Thanks!
  9. Ok my tank started having this algae prob like a month ago, i checked for nitrate at that time and it was 0, but after scrubbing off all the algae in the tank, it grew back within 3 days. so i went to buy the test kit and also a FBR to put phosphate remover inside. now nitrate is 5 phosphate is 0, but it doesnt seem to be dieing off. its been 2 weeks since i ran the phosphate remover. any ideas? P.s: the algae is those hair green color one and also got those red mucus kind. zz. and i also got see brown hair like algae stick on the tank.
  10. wah so long! haha. mine only middle finger to half arm lol. but i just wondering if it will kenna ich. if wont i put back into main tank liao cos it dont like my small QT
  11. snowflake is invert?
  12. i removed all my livestock from my tank, including hermits and my beloved cute little snowflake lol. but i wondering if it will kenna ich anot ah. if not then i put it back liao, cos it like suffering in my QT which has copper and formalin in it. howwwww?
  13. lol mine always hide under the rocks and nv come out, so i flipped all the rocks over, took it out and placed it into the sump. lol.
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