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  1. I guess you meant well. And nothing against TS. I hope he doesn't overpaid for this very blue and nice tenius colony. I'm not an expert. But it seem to be a very blue tenius to me. I might be wrong with my old flower eyes.
  2. CF Sri Lanka Shipment. Price please check with them. Cream angel, imperator angel adult and juv, meyeri butterfly, midas blenny, red scooter mandarin, carberryi anthias, small powder blue tang, convict tang, longfin fairy wrasse, skunk cleaner shrimp, red fire shrimp, red clawed shrimp, red starfish, anemone crab, hadonni green carpet anemone.
  3. If you stay in the west. I can pass you some from my tank. Bukit Batok area.
  4. I believe this Covid situation is control by MTI. You can try calling them or email them to ask how they control each business. Just my guess, no harm asking.
  5. Guess the only way to find out the exact reason behind is to write to Npark or MTI like Harlequinmania mentioned. Any volunteer?
  6. I believe the reason being livestock people will want to see and select taking a lot more time at the LFS/shop while hardware is you take and go and like you mentioned. We don't buy hardware regularly. Some people I know like to visit LFS/shop at least 2 to 3 times coz nothing to do. That's before this Covid situation. Technically, we are not suppose to go to reefer's house and we should be using courier if you follow strictly and this should be the option. Coz remember this is non essential meetup and the person might be fine for such act. LFS/shop are basically opened to sell the fish food/medication which we needed with a safe distancing measure.
  7. I guess it is single policy for all. Whether your are LFS or forum. Like what Indeco exactly pointed out.. "Essential" or not.
  8. If you stay in the west. I can give you a frag.
  9. If u can't find any from reefer here. CF still have some. Just FYI.
  10. Should be using 3/32" Hex key for mounting kit.
  11. Just helping. Is Hyacinthus for the 3rd sps.
  12. Look like Setosa to me. Let TS confirm
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