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  1. Wts Zoas

    No need to ask for forgiveness lah. We are all learning everyday. Very healthy zoas you have there! You might be a victim of the seller who told you is dragon eye.
  2. Wts Zoas

    think wrong animal. My guess is Eagle eye not dragon eye.
  3. CF shipmemt flame angel, royal gramma, flame hawk, helfrich fire goby, bartlett anthias, hawaii yellow tang, atlantic blue tang, emerald crab, caribbean peppermint shrimp Price ask at site
  4. WTS : Mitratus Butterfly Fish

    I believe TS had put in the tag. 320.
  5. Lots of YT/Kole Tang/Flame Angel to choose at Aquamarin For pricing. Please call the shop coz i never ask.
  6. Hi, Selling my spare bottle of Purge. (Unopen). Over estimate, bought too many and had finished my treatment. Help killed my monti eating nudi as well. Note : this is personal observation. Selling at 70. My lost is your gain. PM or whatapps me at 96836545 if you are keen. Cheers! Thomas
  7. CF shipment. Yellow blotched anthias / Flame hawk / Catalina goby 4 pcs only / Hawaii yellow tang / Flame angel / Royal gramma / Peppermint shrimp / Emerald crab / Dwarf red tip hermit crab
  8. Wts: flameback angel

    The tail is whitish. Should be African Flameback.
  9. Wtb PURGE

    How big is your tank? Coz if you see the dosage. 1 bottle probably is just nice for a small tank. Take a 40Gal tank. You will use up 10oz out of the 16oz bottle. Anything bigger than 40Gal, you will run over to a 2nd bottle.
  10. Mini Decom

    Can you post price as per regulation. Thanks for your cooperation.
  11. One and only piece Spotted at Coral Farm. Price enquiry within coz never ask.
  12. Please state pricing as per forum guideline. Else the post will be taken down. Thanks for your cooperation.
  13. Selling Hammer & Torch & Yuma

    Thread closed as requested.
  14. WTS Blue Tangs

    Kindly State price as per practice and regulation. Thanks