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  1. Tentatively all taken. will update again.
  2. Left with Medium Frag. Small and Big Taken.
  3. Had the following 3 sizes frag/mini-colony for sale. Small - 40 Medium - 55 Mini Colony - 80 Noted. All have multiple big and small branches. Not just a straight piece. Interested please PM. Txs. Sorry if the pic is not too clear. Lousy phone cam.
  4. Rare White long nose butterfly spotted at CF. Be prepared to buy above 5xx. VID-20190720-WA0001.mp4
  5. LOL. the location is for fun. I stay in Bukit Batok lah. Anyway, i had 1 offer to take majority of the cloves for a decent price. For those who PM me. My apology I can't reply to all esp those who did not offer me the price. Txs.
  6. PM me qty need and price. Very big polyp not those tiny and half dead.
  7. CF Shipment Flame angel Hawaii yellow tang Hawaii lemon peel angel Hawaii orange peel angel (2 pcs only) Hawaii achilles tang Royal gramma Flame hawk Pink ball tip anemone Caribbean peppermint shrimp Emerald crab Queen angel French angel Blue head moon wrasse Rhomboid fairy wrasse male (1 pc only)
  8. Burgess Butterfly galore at CF. Price please asked at site. VID-20190510-WA0000.mp4
  9. Reserved. Pending collection tonight.. Thanks all for the interest.
  10. Letting go this xenia. On a piece of live rock. Around fist size. 40 bucks. PM me if keen. Txs 20190421_212421_1.mp4
  11. No need to ask for forgiveness lah. We are all learning everyday. Very healthy zoas you have there! You might be a victim of the seller who told you is dragon eye.
  12. think wrong animal. My guess is Eagle eye not dragon eye.
  13. CF shipmemt flame angel, royal gramma, flame hawk, helfrich fire goby, bartlett anthias, hawaii yellow tang, atlantic blue tang, emerald crab, caribbean peppermint shrimp Price ask at site
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