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  1. Delivery deals!

    Good deal for delivery of bulky items! On time and reliable!
  2. Iwarna carries both masstick and the pellet form.
  3. Maybe it is not used to moving pellets at the beginning. Try the easyreefs masstick by sticking to the tank glass to tempt it to graze. If it starts to like the taste, switch to the easyreefs pellets.
  4. Training it to take pellets should be much easier after it began to eat. Please keep the updates coming when there is another breakthrough.
  5. Good to hear a large conspic begins feeding. Well done!
  6. Aluminium based phosphate removing pellets. Very clean and no need to rinse. $60. Collection at Lakeside MRT. Pm me to deal.
  7. RD display tank Build thread

    Looking forward to see the equipment in action!
  8. What are the sizes available for the King angel at cf?
  9. Collection

    Okay thanks. Just to share, I also feed sparingly when introducing new fishes so as to let the water stabilize while increasing bioload. More stable water means less stress for my fishes which means less chance for ich to break out. Do let us know your progress. How many more fishes are you away from your desired maximum?
  10. Collection

    Sorry to hear your losses, Bro. So what are your current battle plan to prevent ich outbreak?
  11. Collection

    Nice Gem. Your angels?
  12. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Can advise where you buy the capsule?
  13. Bacto balls

    What to do with the smaller balls after 1 month? They don't seem to dissolve completely and I read somewhere that the balls are a source of carbon. So should not remove and continue adding new ones every fortnight?
  14. Hi bro, is your tunze 6080 still available?



    KL Tay

    HP: 9090 0846 

    1. marineph


      Hi bro,

      I am keeping it for my own use.  Tunze is the most reliable WM pump I have ever used.  Thanks for your interest.



  15. Newbie starting FOWLR

    What tester are you using to check the parameters?