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  1. From right to left. Approximate size indicated in cm. Lemonade Anacropora ~3cm 15 Turquoise Digitata ~5cm 20 Orangey-red Setosa ~2cm 45 Bright Green Pocillopora ~3cm 20 Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  2. Acropora nursery, a few inches from the surface at low-tide.
  3. Thanks! Doing what I can to bring out the best in the corals and livestock under my care. It's a continuous learning journey and the sharing of experiences with the reef keeping community which I enjoy. Happy reefing!!
  4. LEFT: Miyagi Tort (fully encrusted on a large plug with multiple growth tips) 45 RIGHT: 'Bird of Paradise' Birds Nest (~1.5", encrusted, multi-branch) 20 Pls PM me if keen. Thanks.
  5. This is what the poci looked like a few months ago in my main tank.
  6. Bright Neon Green Poci 3.5" colony, outgrew my main tank, nice round/tree shape, with Deep Purple Monti encrusted/plating out at the base of the poci. 50 Pls PM if interested. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Leon. I hadn't seen the Pom-Pom in over two months, then surprise surprise
  8. To close for comfort, red table kissing the purple bonsai. It's time to bring out the coral cutter.
  9. The elusive Pom-Pom Crab. It ventured out this evening, seeking shelter beneath the Montipora Setosa.
  10. I've used TM before, for the 110g. A salt I'm familiar and had good success with. So just thought I'd give it a go again.
  11. Weekly 5g water change with RODI mixed with TM Pro-Reef. After finishing one blue bucket of RS salt in March, decided to give TM a try. SPS continuing to show good growth and colouration. Key parameters tested just before the water change. Ca 405ppm Alk 7.0 dKH Mg 1350ppm
  12. Miyagi Tort sprouting new tips and branches
  13. A close-up of the capitata.
  14. Thanks! Here's a Montipora Capitata. It's been with me for over a year. Interesting growth form. Creamy-yellow body with purple polyps.
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