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  1. For the measurement of the tank and cabinet Tank - 3ft x 2ft Cabinet - 4ft length as there is a side overflow down the sump
  2. Hi; I am letting go this 3ft tank with sump. Arrange own transport. Selling @ $120 SMS 9851 2006
  3. Hi all; I am selling brand new Salifert Ca, Mg, Kh Test Kit CA - $28 (11-2020) Mg - $28 (04-2019) KH - $17 (11-2020) Contact me at 9851200six Thank you.
  4. 50 bucks for this week. Reduce to clear
  5. Hi; I am looking sell this rare sunrise dottyback from Red Sea. Size around 1.5inch. Pallet train and mysis. Looking at 70bucks. Thank you. Collection : Woodlands. Contact : 9851200six
  6. Collected by a nice reefer! Thread closed.
  7. Bro. It's hard to tell, If you can tell me. It's changes color from time to time. Some time, it's yellow and some time it's has tone Color. I did some research but no conclude info.
  8. HI I am selling this Maxspect G1 60W old model. All working & lighted up properly, but 5 blue led need to be change due to dim. If you are good at diy for changing the led, you can do you own full spectrum by changing your own led bulb. Is good for nano tank. Maxspect G1 60W include the following: Lens Kit, Screw & Nut, Stand Price: $35 collect at Woodlands, contact at 9851200six
  9. Hi. i am selling my Midas benny for 38. This fellow is with me 6 months very healthy. Is already Train to eat pallet food. Collection at Woodlands. Contact me at 9851200six.
  10. I am selling one. 98512006
  11. Upz. Selling at 55. Those interested can Whatapps me for video. Thanks
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