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  1. ahhh awesome!! corals growing fast? lol
  2. ahhh awesome!! corals growing fast? lol
  3. Tropic Marin carbocalcium

    you sell more expensive then shop?
  4. Wts red wrasse (dk id)

    disappearing wrasse Pseudocheilinus evanidus
  5. WTB stomatella snails

    i have quite alot to spare. pm me to arrange
  6. Bro,

    Where is collection place? Can whapp me?




  7. Wts sps

    Ice fire - 70 Red stag - 40
  8. WTB: Wavemaker Magnets

    I have. Give u free.
  9. WTB Heteractis magnifica anemone

    coral farm always have them
  10. Jeebusai Red Sea Reefer 250

    Hope u solve your water level issue. If u need help just drop me a pm.
  11. ChocolateReef

    I always feel tank without sand seems to be more dusty. Probably more particles flying around where else with sand they could settle down somewhere.
  12. Jeebusai Red Sea Reefer 250

    U can try and test any presents of kh in the seachem buffer too.
  13. Arctica chiller problem

    9797 9910 derrick, he repairs chiller.