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  1. Sealife: yellow tang, achilles tang, chervon tang, flame angel, lemonpeel angel
  2. Sealife: maldives shipment angels, butterfly, tang, anthiers
  3. Sealife hawaii shipment: flame angel, potter angel, achilles tang big tear drop, chervon tang, yellow eye kole tang, lots of yellow tang, black tang (one small size), nice adult orange shoulder tangs.
  4. Upz for these replica rocks that is made from aragonite sand
  5. Sealife brazil shipment: queen angel various sizes, french angel various sizes, hogfish, atlantic blue tang
  6. Selling these 3 pcs of replica live rocks for $50. Bought too many and has taken few pcs out from tank. Only used during cycling and then taken out to dry. interested pls pm. View and deal at jurong west. thanks.
  7. I used to have fowlr without chiller for 3.5ft tank. Use computer fan. Temp around 29-30 if use minimal pumps n devices. Fishes can survive. High evaporation rate and daily need top up water. Suggest get auto top up if your sump is huge.
  8. Redsea shipment at sealife: purple tang, sohal tang, golden butterfly and other butterfly fishes, asfur and maculosus angel
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