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  1. Auntie there is very friendly & they have a good variety of fishes.
  2. Any kind reefer in Jurong area can spare some purple coralline algae scrapping to seed my tank?
  3. Anyone selling scarlet hermit crab?
  4. As above, preferably in the west. Please pm me if you’re letting go. Thanks!
  5. Have anyone tried making their own aquarium controller using Arduino or Raspberry PI?
  6. This website is quite informative. http://www.saltwateraquariumblog.com/clownfish-eggs-development-clownfish-breeding-journal/
  7. Do you have the deluxe version for the reefer series?
  8. For Brooklynella, it is possible to treat it by just FW dip? Also it a water change for the tank necessary?
  9. A good read about care for anemone. http://www.karensroseanemones.net/
  10. Does anyone know where to buy the combo lamp? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone has other contacts? I've called him & he said he isn't doing repair for chiller.
  12. Thanks for the info...Guess I'll need live rotifer real soon!
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