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  1. Letting go good condition chiller. Upgraded to compressor so no need for this. Cleaned, rinsed and come with pump. Pipes have been modified slightly to fit the height of my cabinet previously. Do note, not for fussy buyer, quick sale as need to travel soon. Self collect. WhatsApp me at nine02177four2
  2. As mentioned in title. Do let me knw if u have one for sale. Thanks. YK 90217742
  3. Ohh! Bro DE, let's talk about this.. Definitely can consider.. Unfortunately, i will be traveling from 27-29th May.. Thus i will miss Aquarama totally! Cursed at myself for choosing the dates of travel... =.=
  4. yup, i've actually asked around for the quotes. but it seem to take forever to come... sigh.. so meantime i still looking to see if someone is giving up so i can take over... budget is definitely a problem...
  5. still looking! had some offers from a few kind bros here, but for 1 reason or another, i cannot take over their tanks. just a pity... hope to find one soon. do let me know if you guys have any for sale. also looking for MAXSPECT G2 110W if any bro is thinking of letting go. thanks. YK 90217742
  6. hello, thinking of upgrading to a 2ft cube. was wondering if any bros here have something similar to let go? do let me know, price and condition and place of pick up. thanks. YK 90217742
  7. From my understanding, bro rushact have confirm with me to reserve the frag rack, magnet cleaner & timer thru SMS. Pending collection this Sat as I'm still outstationed till fri. Unless otherwise. Perhaps bro rushact may want to reaffirm this again? Regards, YK
  8. Dun forget my frag ok bro! Thanks thanks!
  9. Bro, ur pm full le. Can have these pls. My contact: 90217742 Can collect tmr. Thanks. Yk
  10. ls all cleared... balance: timer & chiller... sms me @ 90217742 if interested.. price still nego...
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