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Found 5 results

  1. CIPS– the largest pet and aquarium products show in Asia-Pacific region, has become a must-attend platform for international companies to expand their business in China, Asia and even the world. Instead of being held in Beijing and Guangzhou alternatively, CIPS moves to Shanghai since 2015 to take advantage of the excellent trading environment, the new modern exhibition halls and complete facilities. It is believed that CIPS will be upgraded and come into a new development stage. With a larger scale and high-quality service, CIPS will provide the pet industry with a leading trade platform. Date: November 4-7, 2015 Venue: Shanghai·National Convention and Exhibition Center Add: 111 Laigang Rd. Qingpu District, Shanghai Organized by: China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd Nürnberg Messe GmbH Supported by: Pafiq (Pet Food And Articles Inspection And Quarantine Branch, CIQA) Aquatic Branch, China Fisheries Association Visit Skimz at Hall 7.2, Booth n104 www.skimz.sg
  2. Biopellet media has recently become popular method of removing nitrates from the aquarium. Biopellets are made primarily of a biodegradable polymer which provides a food source to beneficial bacteria that eliminate unwanted nitrate within the reactor. Skimz Biopellet Reactor is designed with a fluidized cone at the bottom which helps to keep the biopellet media in constant motion and prevent clumping. Skimz Biopellet Reactor available in three sizes: BR80, BR100 and BR150. Skimz BR80 is a hang-on model which has a reactor chamber diameter of 80mm and is ideal for aquariums up to 400 litres. • Load capacity: 400mL Biopellet • Pump included: Skimz WT900 • For aquarium: up to 400L Skimz BR100 is the bigger brother of the BR80. It has a reactor chamber diameter of 100mm and is ideal for aquariums up to 1,000 litres. BR100 can also be used with phosphate media or activated carbon by inserting sponges (included) at the top and bottom inside the cylinder body. • Load capacity: 1,000mL Biopellet • Pump included: Skimz WT1500 • For aquarium: up to 1,000L www.skimz.sg Available at AquaMarin Aquatic Pets
  3. Skimz PurBio is a biodegradable polymer which provides a food source to beneficial bacteria that eliminate unwanted nitrate and phosphate in your aquarium. For best performance, we advise that you use Skimz PurBio in BioReactor which will keep the polymers in constant motion and prevent clumping. Direct the output of reactor toward the intake of the protein skimmer to aid the bacterial removal process. Usage: Use 100ml per 100L of water volume. Aquarium with high Nitrate (40ppm+) should start off slowly with 1/2 dosage, and may experience a short period of water cloudiness. Skimz PurBio Biopellet 500ml Skimz PurBio Biopellet 1000ml Available at AquaMarin Aquatic Pets
  4. Meeting Place for the International Aquarium and Pet Industry, Nuremberg, 29 May – 1 Jun 2014. Skimz at Interzoo 2014, Nuremberg Germany - Part 1 Arrived at Frankfurt city, stayed for a night. Raining season in Germany. Next morning breakfast at nearby Café. Steve, Janet and Thinn. Nice coffee with delicious breakfast! At Frankfurt Hbf, taking a train to Nuremburg Hbf. Janet, Celyne and William of Sanyo Aquarium. Janet and Celyne of Sanyo Aquarium. Stay at Azimut Hotel, Nuremberg Germany. Day one of Interzoo 2014, Messe train station. Everyone rushing to Interzoo Nuremberg, Janet and Thinn heading toward to Interzoo 2014. Main entrance of Interzoo 2014, Nuremberg Germany. Inside the hall Messe Nuremberg. Skimz at Hall 7A, stand 235 Skimz protein skimmers, calcium reactors, nitrate, fluidized reactors, zeolite reactors, reefsalts, etc. Visitors at Skimz stand, looking at Protein Skimmers and Biopellet Reactor demo. Skimz range of protein skimmers such as Monzter, Leopard and Oval. Skimz Leopard protein skimmers. Skimz high performance Leopard water circulation pumps. Skimz Zeolite Reactors and Oveflow box. Skimz Monzter DC protein skimmers SM163, SM203 and SM253. Skimz Leopard SL250 protein skimmer. Skimz Leopard protein skimmer’s needlewheel pump, LS6000.
  5. What do you do if you’ve got some oval base cones of acrylic lying around from your protein skimmer build? Well if you are Skimz of Singapore of course the obvious route is to build a conical biopellet reactor with an oval base, again in an effort to conserve precious space in the confines of a sump. Like they’re big splash for Aquarama 2013 the Oval Cone protein skimmer, Skimz is applying the same geometry to a large biopellet reactor. The large biopolymer tumbler is powered by an equally beefy DC 3000 style controllable pump which has enough power to push the massive ellipti-cone and has built in speed control for easily dialing up or down the required flow rate..... Read more.... Skimz Singapore
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