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Found 1 result

  1. Dupla Bacter M is made up of natural nitrifying, nitrate reducing and bacterial strains selected for their ability to convert ammonia into nitrites (NO2), nitrites into nitrate (NO3) and nitrate into nitrogen. Cleaning the waste matter is helped by numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria present. This enables water to be effectively purified, nitrates and phosphates to be reduced and prevents the spread of algae. What is Dupla Bacter M? Selected nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains convert ammonia to nitrite (NO2), nitrite to nitrate (NO3) and nitrate to nitrogen (N2). restricts the growth of red algae by reducing nitrite (NO3) and phosphate (PO4). biologically purifies the water by absorbing organic waste products. maintains the balance of bacterial strains whilst reducing the risk of infection. Has been developed in partnership with aquaculture experts. How to use Bacter M? For water purification: 1 ampoule for 1,000L of water every 2 weeks. For reduction of nitrates: 1 ampoule per 60L to tank + 1 ampoule to filter. When should Bacter M be used? When starting and cycling a new tank. To maintenance a clean tank. Growth of Nuisance Algae. Decreased growth rate of the corals. When level of Nitrate (NO3) is high. Note: Shake ampoule well for 15 seconds before use. Dissolve the contents into 1L of aquarium water before adding the mixture to the tank and/or filter. Dupla Bacter Booster has been developed in partnership with aquaculture experts for all types of coral including crustacean, mollusc and bivalve that require nutrient supplements, even those with zooxanthellae which feed on light. Dupla Bacter Booster helps the development of corals, clams and micro-fauna and the reduction of nitrates and phosphates by feeding and maintaining anaerobic bacteria on live rocks. After a few weeks of use, hard and soft corals as well as SPS polyps will expand and flourish. Colour of corals will also stabilises. Dupla Bacter Booster contains very high concentrations of the polyunsaturated omega 3-fatty acid which all marine organisms need. A few drops in fish feed make it more appetising, making reef booster an excellent solution when starting to feed difficult or recently introduced fish. What is Dupla Bacter Booster? Bacter Booster is a complete micronutrient supplement required by corals and fishes. Helps to reduce nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO4) by feeding anaerobic bacteria. Contains high concentration of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids which are needed by all marine organisms. Has been developed in partnership with aquaculture experts. How to use Bacter Booster? 1 ampoule for 200L every 2 weeks. When should Bacter Booster be used? To maintenance a clean tank with healthy corals and fishes. When your corals are not growing. Excellent solution to help new introduced fishes that are stressed and not eating. Available at AquaMarin Aquatic Pets
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