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Found 45 results

  1. 1 ) lepoard mushy - $40 2 ) bounce mushy - $80 3 ) Bam Bam zoas - $35 4 ) Aussie lobo palm size - $140 5) tri colour Arco -$50 6) pinkish red plating sps - $80 7 ) red stag $40 8 ) yellowish pink Milli -$20 9 ) Aussie bonsai sps - $25 10 ) magnificent Arco - $120 ( Behind is the mother colony) 11 ) magnificent Arco - $200 12 ) RBM - $150 13 ) got it as red planet. - $20 14 ) Sentosa. - each selling for $20 Thanks all for viewing, collection at sengkang. Wysiwyg, no photo editing done. Cheers.
  2. Interested please whatsapp :87529711 Collection at Kovan 1.Ultra Neon Torch Coral $35 2.Rainbow Infusion $15 3.Greenish-gold hammer $35 4.Ultra Neon GSP $18 5.Clove polyp (with 2 attach zoas idk what lol maybe sakura or antivenom ) $20 6.tutti frutti zoas (at least 7 polyp ) $20 7.Pink flamingo zoas (at least 6 polyp ) $30 8.Yellow Yuma $15 9. Butt Muncher (at least 7 polyp ) $30 10. Superman Rhodactis $30 11. Allien Antivenom (at least 8 poylp ) $ 38 12.smooth jazz zoas (at least 4 polyp )$25
  3. Have the following to clear. 1 ) devil whip - $20 2 ) unknown sps. Tip is yellow body light purple. - $30 3 ) unknow sps id - mini colony size.-$20 4 ) magnmaleficent arco $100 5 ) royal blue Milli - $150 6 ) cyniathcynarina- around palm size - $45 7 ) miyagi tort -$20 8 ) vodoo zoas - $150 9 ) bam bam - $25 10 ) tuttis fruitti - $ 25 [email protected] sengkang Thanks for viewing.
  4. Hi have the following for sales. A ) cynarina- around palm size - $50 B ) peach paradise -WYSIWYG - $25 C ) maleficent arco - $100 D ) royal blue Milli - $150 Collection at sengkang. Thanks for viewing
  5. My first pico reef in a Fluval spec 3 AIO tank.
  6. 1 - GSP $10 2 - SSC $40 3 - Duncans (20+ Heads) $100 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  7. A ) royal blue Milli - around 0.8" -$180 B ) green Milli/ sunset Milli if put under high light. $15 each. C ) sunny D - $20 D ) frogspawn- open up to plan size or bigger abit more - $70 E ) Cynthia around plan size - $50 Collection at sengkang .. Thanks
  8. Hi Bros and Sis, I just restarted this hobby 2 mnths back. Without knowing buying on impulse had stocked up some corals and letting go for space. Sorry for the bad pics. Zoas to share; 1. 6X Eagle eye $2per polyp range $16 - 30 per frag 2. 2X King Midas $3 per polyp range $18 & 40 per frag 3. 2X Lime green $3 per polyp $20each per frag 4. 4X Lumi green penny $2 per polyp range $20 - 30 per frag 5. 8X Blue horizon $3 per polyp range $15 - 30 per frag 6. 10X Purple hearted $2 per polyp range $15 -40 per frag Following Zoas rate at $1 per polyp 7. 13X Green hulk range $15 - 30 8. 10X Maronpink face range $10 -20 9. 5X Orangepink face range $10 - 20 10. 2X Yellow penny $10 @ 11. 2X Yellow penny $10 @ More to list, choose any frag catches your eyes. above $100 purchase get 10% discount above $200 get 15% discount. Softies n lps to clear for space; Green bubble tip anemone $25 each and gbt with red tip $35. all open up ard 5in. 2x Lumigreen Hammer 5in $50 n 7in $70 2X bubble coral 2in $20 n 5in $50 note: green cateye bubble n elegant not for sale. Green face Lobo 5in $50 no pic Green purple prata 3in $70 Multi color Open brain 4.5in $60 no pic 1X lumi gsp $12 Miami Hurican Chalice small 2in $20 3in $25 4.5in $35 Reddish Chalice no id 2in $15 sps frags; Radioactive birdnest mini colony$20 and $30.... 7X frags range $10 to 15 minimum 3branches. 6X Forest Fire digitata range $5 - 20 Crocea clam to clear at $25each. Strictly PM me if interested, view and collection at West CCKang from tmr. No reservation as FCFS unless i know u well with deposit. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Hi, Decommissioning my 5ft marine setup, and looking for new homes for my pets: FISH: 1. Powder Blue Tang @ $50 (been with me > 3 years - my favourite, healthy, itch free, and good appetite) 2. Blue Tang @ $40 3. Sailfin Tang @ $20 (please note that it suffers from HLLE around the head area, but is otherwise healthy and with a big appetite and personality) 4. Yellow Tang @ $40 (Have a pair available, take both for $70) 5. Copperband Butterfly @ $10 6. Bicolor Angel @ $10 7. Bandai Cardinalfish @ $5 for a pair 8. Algae Blenny (or Goby, cannot recall) @ $5 9. Clownfish @ FOC with any of above purchase, or preferably with purchase of hammer coral it is hosting on CORALS: 10. Hammer coral @ $40 11. Torch Coral @ $40 (3 heads) 12. Torch Coral @ $15 (1 head, grown from parent torch) 13. Torch Coral @ $30 (1 head - grown from parent torch, but attached to big live rock) 14. Bubble Coral @ $50 (extends to larger than fist size) 15. Plate Coral @ $35 16. Fox Coral @ $35 17. Duncan @ $30 ( min. 4 heads) 18. Green zoas on large live rock @ $20 (refer pic above for duncan) 19. Green zoas on medium live rock @ $10 20. Misc green zoas FOC with any purchase (while stocks last) I also have sand stars which I will gladly offer FOC (if I can find them) when you come by to purchase anything. All livestock still in the original tank, and will catch only upon purchase. Please kindly bring your own pail or bags. Decomm of live rock, sand, and equipment to follow after livestock clears. Interested parties, please WhatsApp 91682887. Thanks in advance for reading and the support! Cheers!
  10. Has anyone been able to keep corals at 29*C around there for long? Or 28*C? If so, what kind of coral? Pls let me know, thanks.
  11. Got to make space for other corals hence. The following Open Brain is up for sale. Grab the chance to own this beauty. $60 Item description: - Size is 10cm-11cm when fully extended.- Tricolor- turquoise spots, purple body and orange rim - Easy to care for, reefroids and amino acids dose to water every wed and sundayFor open brain care click the link below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-aFHxCh2PIThis sale comes with a mystery gift.Collection will be at my place in Yishun. Delivery is available to any parts of sg for $10 PM to deal Happy reefing.
  12. The following Open Brain is up for sale. $45Item description: -Easy to care for -Size is 9cm-11cm when fully open. -Purple and radioactive greenFor open brain care click the link below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-aFHxCh2PI[/FONT]Free Gift - Red Monti Collection at yishun. Delivery is available to any parts of sg for $10 Pm for more details. Happy Reefing
  13. The following Open Brain is up for sale. $50 Free gifts with coral purchase. Item description: -Easy to care for -Size is 8cm-9cm when fully open. -Purple, green and turquoise For open brain care click the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-aFHxCh2PI Collection at Yishun S(760446) before 1030pm Delivery is available to any parts of SG for $10 Whatsapp/msg/call 93869472 Happy Reefing
  14. Some shots of our recent Walt smith shipment 13/08/16 colours better by the day.... Check them out at Iwarna Aquafarm!
  15. maldini


    I have the following avaliable for trade 2 head torch/$10 4 head torch/$20 10 plus heads duncans/$80 hoping to trade for interesting LPS/similar value should you have any whatsapp @ 81734812
  16. Selling this stable and healthy prata for $90. Pm me if keen. Thanks
  17. Hi , I have a set of cherry aqua light set for sale as I have recently upgraded my equipment . Ideal and best for nano tank . Good start up for LPS corals . Only fired for 2 weeks . As good as new . Going for $120 negotiable Whatapp me for fast deal . Thank you
  18. Selling this Hammer LPS for $15. About 6-8 heads. Selling to make space. Interested pls pm me your contact.
  19. Starting this thread as I think it is useful to document the result on keeping SPS in my two feet mixed reef. I guess a lot of reefers out there are in the same consideration as me i.e. what SPS can be added to a mixed reef. I have added about 5 different types of SPS in my mixed reef and intent to monitor and document the progress for two months. Of cos it might happen that at the end of the two months, I am left with zero SPS but then at least I tried and will be more than happy to stick to fishes + LPS + GSP. Hopefully reefers out there can draw from my experience (and mistakes). Questions welcomed (so long as dont ask me to sell away my fish/ LPS can liao....) My tank basic information: DT: 60cm * 34cm * 30cm Temp: 26-27oC NO3, PO4: Undetectable PH: 7.9 (night), 8.2 (day) Salt used: Tropic Marin Reef Pro (top up with DI water, TDS 0) Light: Zetlight ZT6500 (Max 90W, currently set at 77W) Flow: RW4 (set to 2000l/hr), caninster (1240l/hr) WC: 3 time weeks, about 10% each time Feeding: heavy feeding (morning and evening), light feeding (lunch) LS: LPS: about 20 GSP: about 5 Fishes: 11 (2 blue tangs, 5 blue eyes anthias, 2 true percula, 1 cleaner wrasse, 1 green Mandarin) Currently, the SPS I have in my tank are as follows (if I id any SPS wrongly, please correct me as I am very new to them): 4* Acros (two green two purple) 1* BN 1*pink millies 2 digi (one green, one orange) 2* monti frags (one red, one green+red) 1* ridge (blue) Most of my SPS are on the top 1/3 level of my tank End of week one field report (22/12/14): Bad news: one of the arcos already showing signs of RTN after two weeks in the tank. The remaining 1 purple arcos is not showing any PE. The other 2 green arcos showing some PE. Good news: the green and orange digi are showing somewhat great PE. red and green monti, BN, Millies and Ridge showing PE. (will take photo during the holiday break) Colour wise, there is no browning (yet) dont die 1 dont die 2 (this ridge coral really stuns me with its deep electric blue colour) Conclusion of week one: All things equal, frags from reefers stand a higher chance of not mati-ing. I am pinning my hope on the BN, digi and millies having the highest chance of making it. hopefully, they dont prove me wrong ah... =============================== One unexpected 收获,as i never really pay much attention to the SPS tank when I visit LFS, somehow I never "see" this coral before. Haha, bought it thinking that it is a SPS, turnout it is not.
  20. Bubble $25 Luminous green octo $30 (purple octo not for sale unless there's a good offer) Blasto $20. Orange plate $25. Orange/green rhodatics mushroom about 4 of them for $10. Orange rhodatics mushroom on a rock about 10 of them for $15 Contact me at 92313772 if interested. Thank you.
  21. 1. Pulsing Xenia: $15 2. Peach of paradise but turn golden probably due to lighting: $25 3. Orange monti with green polyps: $10 4. Frag encrusting red planet: $40 Interested, please whatsapp or sms 94880692. Collect at Serangoon.
  22. I am looking small frags of the following corals 1) Lumi true octo (branching type) 2) Tri color valida 3) Red and blue dragon acropora 4) Purple tip yellow acropora 5) Chaeto 6) superman monti 7) yuma (looking at blue, green, or pink) variety - i also have a orange variety for trading (single colony will do) Kindly watsapp price with photo at 91141924. Many thanks for viewing
  23. Dear all, have various sizes of the above corals for sales, price is ranging from $30 to $80, pls whatsapp me at 96382799, thanks.
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