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Found 22 results

  1. Clearing due to change of scape (impulse buy) 1 Tricolor blasto + 1 iron man blasto? $120 Lumi Gonio with Blue skirt $60 - 6cm sunset monti $40 (half of pic) kryptonite mushroom $60 9295 4138
  2. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 = $20 each 5 & 6 = $40 each Collection Woodlands or Bukit Panjang Watapps : 9eight45eight255
  3. 1 - Forest Fire Monti $5 2 - Red Mille $15 3 - Red Mille (small) $10 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  4. Hi anyone knows why all my montiporas grown downwards instead of curving upwards (to form cup-like structures)?
  5. Hi, Looking to get a fist sized hammer coral and similarly sized montipora capricornis. Do leave me a pm should you have any to sell, or give away! haha. Cheer and happy reefing al!
  6. Hi, Looking to get a fist sized hammer coral and similarly sized montipora capricornis. Do leave me a pm should you have any to sell, or give away! haha. Cheer and happy reefing al!
  7. Hi fellow reefers, have the following for sale. Collection at Bishan St 25. Prefer to sell multiple frags so 10% discount on purchases > $50. Zoas Eagle Eye - $10/15 (small 10polyps, big 20+ polyps mixed with another red black zoa) Sunflower - $15 (3 polyps) Teal Zipper - $10 (>5 polyps) Bam Bam Orange - $10 (2 polyps) Monti Orange Monti - $10 Purple Cap Monti x2 - $10 Birdnest / Pocci Radioactive Birdnest - $15 for both (1x3 inches frag, 1 dull 2 inch frag) Green/Yellow Pocci - $10 Radioactive Birdnest + Turquoise Birdnest on plug - $10 Pulsing Xenia - $10 (have about 4-5 frag plugs) Pulsing Xenia + Purple Eff - $15 Reserve is ok but must collect within a week, anytime is ok as I'm on leave till mid march. PM for contact number / pictures. Pictures will be progressively uploaded, thanks!
  8. Selling the following: 1. Monti pack of 3 for $45: (Purple Monti, "pseudo" sunset monti, Dino monti) 2. Digitata Pack of 3 for $30. (Salmon Pink, German Blue, Forest Fire) Interested please pm me with contact to arrange collection. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I am looking for big shape red monti. My budget 40$. Contact me if you have/ Regards, Sam
  10. Decom my full SPS tank due to moving house, will restart once settle down. Live stock go first, equipment 2nd. Address: AMK st 31, 560319 SPS Colony - $ 50 -180 Purple StaghornPurple TortBlue staghornLumi Yellow StaghornRainbow stylooLoripiesPurple BonzaiIndo SSCRose miliPurple dragonBlue digicaptitataEchinataFiji Staghorn - PurpleFiji Staghorn - YellowLight blue/green staghornOZ blue sky staghornFiji purple pocciFiji Lemon Green pocciyellow AcroSantosaMonti - meteor shower x 2 versions20k LokaniCalalinitana (correct my spelling)others no IDFrag also available by cutting on spot or sharing with others, $10-25 LPS: Zoas frags - LA laker, bambam, rasta, fruitloops, blue barry..... but small polyp due to Zeovit system, so prefer to sell all at $100 with more than 10 frags OZ rainbow Acan - my favorite! Charlice colony - $50 Thanks
  11. Selling this monti: Lumi Yellow base, Blue Polyps. Selling $50. Pm me if keen.
  12. A: Orange monti with green polyps at side B: Peach paradise zoas C: Red gonio, yellow centre with blue tips. D: Yellow acro with blue tips. E: red digi with green tips and peach paradise zoas Interested, please whatsapp or sms 94880692. Collect at Serangoon garden.
  13. Hi all. I am not sure what these zoas are worth but i am looking for a small monti cap frag ( Dino, sunset, reverse sunset, chilli pepper etc...) to swap with you. If you have other corals in mind for swopping let me know i might be interested! pls pm me.
  14. Did a recapping and now tank is a bit open concept, so this Monti island need to find a new home. the idea i built it was to make various monti cap on single rock and it is mobile, so like a flower pot and i can put anywhere i like. it come with: - Red/Orange Monti cap - Green monti with Blue rim - Chilli pepper monti - color so so as being covered by the rest. Start bid : S$1 Min bid : S$ 0.1 (so you can bid over others by just 10 cents!!!) End bid : 10 oct 2014 2359hrs forum time Have Fun! collect at AMK
  15. Diameter about 5cm. $20. Collection at serangoon. Interested please contact 94880692.
  16. Dear all, have few pieces of red monti with white polyps for sale ( ranging from 1" to 3", price is from $10 to $20). one frag of golden cloves with about 15 to 16 big polyps, selling at $30. Radioactive green BN with multiple branches (selling from $10 to $15). A 3" german blue digital (multiple branch) selling at $18. and also Pink BN selling at cheap (frag on the spot), interested parties, pls sms or whatsapp me at 96382799, free gift for every purchases , whatsapp me or sms me for pictures, Location: Woodlands, thank you and have a good day!
  17. Hi all, I have the following coral frag for sale. a) Zoas (> 10 polyps) $20. b ) Birdnest (yellow greenish body) 4' plus multiple branches $20 c) Lobo aussie ( one head) green orangy colour $20 d) Chilli pepper monti (2' plus) $20 e) Hammer ( 2 heads) $18 Interested parties, please pm me for details. Collection place at Tiong Bahru Area. Thanks
  18. Selling one frag of zoas (rasta+fruit loop+hot pink) and one monti (superman). Collection at Serangoon Garden. Interested please whatsapp / SMS 94880692. Thanks.
  19. Selling the zoas frags as shown in pic. However, A3 is a monti. Interested, please sms or whatsapp 94880692. Collection at serangoon.
  20. I have two rainbow monti frags to let go. Each frag is abt 10 cents coin size and it is encrusting on frag plug. $20 per frag. Collection at Serangoon Garden. Please SMS/Whatsapp 94880692.
  21. Hi guys Selling some frags that have been growing since end Nov... 1. Green monti $12 (mother colony on the right side)
  22. I want a 50c coin size lum lime green monti for interlacing. If you have, i swop you a 4" Lime In The Sky staghorn sps, or Mohawk Zoas + Jade Green Digi or all 3, if you can bring the monti to my house by tonite. Location : Clementi West Time : After 7 pm Contact : 8201 0133 Many Thanks for your help in this project. mike
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