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Found 54 results

  1. Hi! Tank & accessories for cheap and fast sale currently freshwater 100 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm 3 sides crystal glass With internal overflow compartment 12 mm glass thickness $130 Chiller compressor 1.5hp with coil and controller (I think is Daikin) $180 Currently running Ecotech Vectra M1 return pump $270 Currently running. Collection at East side. Pls pm; thanks!
  2. Vectra L1 Vectra M1 Vectra Pump Configuration and Advantages Vectra Videos Reviews
  3. Got this for my refugium but it turned out to be too powerful. Tested it for under a minute. Sun Sun HQJ 1000b. 1000 litres/hour at 12w $20
  4. MJ-GF SERIES Gyre Flow Pump Superior Cross Flow Technology Explained Comparing to traditional powerheads and wavemakers, based on propeller nozzle technology, our latest gyre generator is based on crossflow technology. Near-Silent Operation With Sine Wave Technology Sine Wave Pattern Traditional Pattern Achieve full circulation within the aquarium with ease Integrated Controller with Large Display Fully Programmable 24 hours gyre flow cycle Water Movement Mode 24 hours gyre flow cycle illustrated Specification Buy MJ-GF2K here: http://www.deaquatic.com/home/product?id=1066&type=c But MJ-GF4K here: http://www.deaquatic.com/home/product?id=1064&type=c
  5. Used Eheim 1262 water pump for sale $60 made in w-germany interested pls sms or call 96633566 thanks
  6. Selling Eheim 1262 for $80, good condition, interested please PM. Collection at Sengkang 543332. Low baller will be ignored.
  7. Wts 1hp compressor with coil. Used for 3 years. $350 1 ATI 8 TUBE T5 3 ft $80. Ballast working properly, but fan doesn't work, 3 wave makers (wp40, wp60, rw8) $30, 40, 50 respectively. Wave maker ballasts replaced with higher watt power supplies 1x unknown ehiem pump (used for 6 years+) $40 Collection in bedok Whatsapp me at 97210603 if interested. Thanks for your time!
  8. The new SINE wave technology SOW wavemaker from Jebao is in stock!
  9. Hi, below items are available:- Eheim filter ($10) Refractometer ($20) Rossmont Mover wavemaker M4600 [without external magnet] ($30) Sicce Syncra 2.5 water pump ($70) Real Dried Rocks in big container, can fit 6 footer ($50)
  10. Hi guys, I'm selling this pump as I've upgrade months ago. It's in EXCELLENT condition as I only ran it for 2 weeks. It's like Eheim, RELIABLE. It's made in Italy and has great international reviews. Retails at $220 I'm Selling at $150 Contact me at 9438two788 Dave
  11. QuietEco QE3.0 Pump The Skimz QuietEco pumps are a new line of submersible circulation pumps by the Singapore-based company. Designed to be affordable and energy efficient, the pump range has options for flow rates from 600 to 4,000 liters per hour. All six ceramic shaft pumps feature adjustable flow control, adapters to connect flexible hoses on barbed fittings and come with a one-year warranty. Skimz QuietEco aquarium pump has six different models: QE0.6, QE0.8, QE1.2, QE2.0, QE3.0, QE4.0 and range in price from around $10 USD to $45 USD. The smallest pump, the Skimz QE 0.6, consumes 12 watts of power and the largest, the Skimz QE 4.0 uses 75W. For more infomation: Reefbuilders – New Skimz QuietEco pumps come in six sizes
  12. Hi guys, I'm selling this pump as I've upgrade months ago. It's in EXCELLENT condition as I only ran it for 2 weeks. It's like Eheim, RELIABLE. It's made in Italy and has great international reviews. Retails at $220 I'm Selling at $150 Contact me at 9438two788 Dave
  13. Used Eheim 1260 water pump for sale $50 interested pls sms or call 96633566 thanks
  14. After just 4 yrs, my tank cracked last week and water leaked all over the house. So after this traumatic experience, have decided to decomm the tank and take a break from this hobby. Have some equipments to let go so if anyone that is keen please feel free to PM me. No low ballers please do your research for the market price first! All equipment working well, washed and cleaned. Pick up at Punggol - cash and carry - AI Hydra 52 LED ($350 X 1) or ($650 X 2 + Free controller) Bought Dec 2013. - Ehiem 1264 Main Pump ($80, the casing has cracked but still working fine not for the fussy) - Biopellet Reactor with pump ($50) - Ehiem 1260 Chiller Pump ($100) - Artica Chiller 1/4. Used for 8 years very good working condition. Serviced yearly. (Chiller alone $250 or Chiller + Ehiem1260 Pump $330)
  15. I'm making a low-profile tank. 3ftx1.5wx1ft h. Sump 2ft. Thought of going from return pump to hailea hs28a then go up back to main tank. What pump do you guys suggest? Ltr/hr.
  16. as above. Pump is good condition. kept in store room as tank decommissioned. selling for 150 UV unit for sale. uses Phillips 25 T8 UV. selling for $100 http://www.aquaristikshop.com/aquaristic/De-Bary-Aqua-UV-Electronic/638006/ collect at yishun. delivery can be arranged. 94767184,
  17. as above. Pump is good condition. kept in store room as tank decommissioned. selling for 150 UV unit for sale. uses Phillips 25 T8 UV. selling for $100 http://www.aquaristikshop.com/aquaristic/De-Bary-Aqua-UV-Electronic/638006/ collect at yishun. delivery can be arranged. 94767184,
  18. After more then 10 years of hobby, it's time to shut down permanently due to new born child. Live stocks have been given away, only equipment left. Daeilea Fish Cooler DBE-200 OR6500 pump Skimz FR with aquabee pump (need to replace impeller) Tunze 6100 Tunze Multicontroller - moonlite spoilt Tunze Magnet Holder Tunze Coral Fix H&S Protein Skimmer with aquabee pump (need to replace impeller. needle wheel included) Koralin CR Take all for $700 nego.
  19. Jebao new DCS pump coming soon to our store! What Difference for the Jebao DCS Pump and DCT Pump ? DCT Pump is produce on 2014. DCS Pump is produce on 2015 Aug which based on the DCT weakness to develop. Jebao DCS Pump using new swirl impeller, make it more silent and reduce vibration . The Hmax also increase around 25% than the DCT Pump Available model: DCS7000 Controller from 5000Litres to 7000Litres DCS9000 Controller from 7000 Litres to 9000Litres DCS12000 Controller from 10000Litres to 12000Litres Feature: High performance motor with innovation electronics. Energy saving of upto 50% compaied to traditional pumps.Memory Function for Power Supply Off to recall memory10 Speed Mode controller for S Series25% increased Max Height compaired to the DCT PumpIC Electronic Detection, automatic power-off protection upon no waterMotor Protection if rotor gets blockedSuper Quiet OperationCan operate in Marine and Fresh WaterNo Copper componentsWear-resistant Ceramic Shaft for longer operation life10 Mins Feed Mode (Or Pause to resume to normal)Internal Use Only
  20. Auction 3 items, Bidding will end 18 March 2016 2359hrs, Collection between Kallang to Eunos MRT at night, home delivery additional $10. 1) WTS: H&S skimmer Starting bid: S$150 Minimum increment: S$15 The spec is shown on picture 2) WTS: Skimz Reactor Starting bid: S$25 Minimum increment: S$5 The spec is shown on picture 3) WTS: 800 Pump Starting bid: S$9 Minimum increment: S$1 The spec is shown on picture Thank you
  21. Bought this DC skimmer pump 2 weeks ago from AM as I thought my current pump is faulty, end up it is only the power adapter is faulty. Bought at $308 and selling at $220 without the power adapter. You can get the power adapter from AM or Sim Lim Tower. I throw away the receipt but AM have the warranty sticker so it is still covered under warranty. Price is fix as this is a good deal at my lost. Kindly PM me if you are interest and deal at Fernvale LRT station.
  22. Have all the following to clears.... 1) all are brand new unopen.... take all for $40 2)reflectormeter $20 (no casing) 3)tunze 6055 +7091 controller, New set of magnet + 7094 controller selling $150 4) tunez 6065 $40 5)mp40 $200 6)mp40. older version but all working . 2 x driver , 2 x dry side, 1 x wet side. Just get a adaptor and wet side ..and u have 2 working pump. *note the driver casing is cracked, but still working fine.. selling for $140 7) teat kit.. all stop have more then 8 maths expiry to 2 years Cal left 30% , 2x mg left 80% , kh left 15% Selling all for $25 8)ehiem 1260 selling $80 9)eheim compact 1000 selling $60 10) 5ft 6 tube t5 , with 6ft body frame. All tubes used for around 6mths.. Will throw in 2 x brand new ATI tube , coral plus and blue plus ..selling $250 Thanks all for viewing.. Collection at Sengkang.. all the prices given are bundle price..no separate sales.. If get all item 1 to 10 special prices will be given.. Collection at Sengkang .. Cheers
  23. Hi fellow reefers, Selling off some equipments. Here are the following items: 1. Garlic Guard, Seachem Prime and Paraguard (used for 1 or 2 times - all almost full) - $25 for all 2. Aquarium system new jet pump 2,400l/hr (used for 5 months) - $70 3. Aquarium system new jet pump 3,000l/hr (used for 5 months) - $90 4. Sorb 4 phosphate remover (left 1/3 of the bottle) - $25 (Reference: http://www.aquapharmlabs.com/blog/?p=94) Price mentioned above negotiable. PM Me if you interested. Photo will be upload later. Cheers !
  24. Decided to start a new thread as some members started PM me on the things that i have long sold. below are the leftovers from my decomm. I do not have the tank, corals nor livestock anymore. Skimz FR (all 3 at $60)please kindly note that these are the older models with the inlet by the side and not center. Refer to pics. Biggest one $40 Smaller ones $30 each (2 for $50) Eheim 1262 2 years warranty left by madpetz condition is excellent------$150 TDI tester--------------------------------------$10 Refractometer (OEM brand, solid build) -------------$25 ROWA 1000g left 70% ---------------------$20 Red Sea Color Color ABCD 500ml left 60%------------------------$35 for all 4 bottles collection pasir ris dr 6. no reserve unless with deposit
  25. Introducing Jebao Dosing Pump ! Arrvial before 28 June 2014 PREORDER NOW TO GET BEST DISCOUNT. (walk in, whatsapps or website order welcome!) http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/aproducts.asp?bcID=360&catname=Pumps - Dosing Pumps'>http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/aproducts.asp?bcID=360&catname=Pumps - Dosing Pumps usual price : $120 AM price $99 , *Preorder price $79 !! *Preorder payment in full before closing date 22 June 2014
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