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Found 7 results

  1. FATHER’S DAY PROMOTION Happy Father’s Day in advance to all the noble dads out there! For a week, shoppers get to enjoy 10% off our regular priced items. What are you waiting for? Terms & Conditions: Yi Hu Fish Farm Trading may without notice, (1) replace prizes with another item, and (2) terminate this promotion, and amend promotion’s mechanics and conditions. Yi Hu Fish Farm Trading’s decisions on all matters relating to this promotion will be final, binding and conclusive on participants, and no correspondence will be entertained.
  2. Good news to our fellow hobbyists, greater savings are coming your way! Maximize your savings at our Qian Hu retail shop when you spent a certain amount (minimum of $25). Terms & Conditions: -Based on total amount spent on a single receipt (regular priced accessories only). -Limited to purchase of 2 PWP items with every receipt. -While stocks last. Click here to visit our website: http://bit.ly/QianhuPwp
  3. Journey to Hangzhou, China - Our visit brought us to the world's first RevoReef specialty store and also to the homes of dedicated marine hobbyists. Located in INtime City Shopping Mall, this open-concept RevoReef specialty store showcases beautiful and thriving corals in various RevoReef Infinity Aquariums purified by Hydro-Pure Technology and 3DM Reef-Rock/Reef-Sand. We also caught up with Mr. Fang, the winner of Aquarama International Marine Tank Competition, as well as other experienced marine hobbyists to learn and understand more on reefkeeping. Below are some photos during the visit and interview videos on user experience with RevoReef products. Interview with Mr. Chen Visit http://www.yihufish.com/revoreefhangzhouinterviewmrchen/ for full transcript. Interview with Mr. Zhuo Visit https://www.yihufish.com/revoreef-hangzhou-interview-with-mr-zhuo/ for full transcript. Follow us at Qian Hu Accessories for upcoming posts where we got them to share their experience and tips on reefkeeping. Visit www.yihufish.com/products/revoreef for more info on RevoReef products.
  4. Santa, all I want for Christmas is... This Christmas, we have some delightful gifts for the Reefers! Follow the steps below and stand a chance to win! Like our Facebook Page @ Qianhu Accessories. Comment on the Facebook post the gift you would like to win. e.g. “#QHXMAS1”. Increase your winning chance by 3x; (a) Comment on the post: 1 winning chance. (b) Liking the post: 1 additional winning chance. (c) Sharing the post: 1 additional winning chance. Contest is open from now till 22 Dec 2016, 2359H. Only limited to 1 entry per person. TERMS & CONDITIONS Contest is open from now till 22 Dec 2016, 2359H. Contest is open to our Facebook Fans in Singapore. Employees of Qian Hu Corporation and the subsidiaries; and members of the immediate family of any such persons are not eligible to participate and win. Only one entry per person. Incomplete and/or Multiple entries will be disqualified. Winners will be notified via pm. Prizes are to be collected in person by 8 Jan 2016 at Qian Hu retail store (No. 71 Jalan Lekar Singapore 698950). All winners are required to have their photos taken at Qian Hu retail store for marketing purposes The prizes awarded to the eligible winner are not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize. If a winner cannot be contacted or is disqualified for any reason, Qian Hu reserves the right to choose another winner. Qian Hu shall not be liable for injury, loss, claims or damage of any kind arising out of or in connection with participating in this giveaway, the participants’ acts omissions or negligence, and/or from the acceptance or use/misuse of the prize awarded. In the event that a prize becomes unavailable, Qian Hu reserves the rightto substitute, withdraw, or alter any of the prizes offered without notice to the participants. By participating in this giveaway, participants agree to be bound by and to comply with the T&Cs. Qian Hu Corporation reserves the right to amend these T&Cs without prior notice.
  5. It has arrived in Singapore! Hydra Filtron is the culmination of user-requested features and the world's first 4-Stage Water Purification (Mechanical, Biological, Chemical and Hydro-Pure Technology). Experience the power of Hydra Filtron Canister Filter today. Available now at Qian Hu retail shop in 3 different sizes. Click on this link to learn more about how Hydra Filtron helps in your fishkeeping journey: http://bit.ly/YH_HydraFiltron
  6. Have you watched Finding Dory recently? Still deciding if you want to own a Marine Tank? Hesitate no more! Our "My little Ocean' Beginner tank set has just being launched officially! We would like to introduce you to the beauty of the Marine world by making it fun and easy. It is a 16 liters tank, which comes along with a guidebook, Hydra Nano Plus, Marine Led Light and a Hydrometer. Walk into our store to check it out or you can click here to get one home today!
  7. A local brand familiar with all the hobbyist in Singapore, we would like to extent the warm welcome to Qianhu joining our community to provide product support and information !! Do keep a look out on their thread here for latest happening .
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