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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Reefers, We all have experienced the following situations before (this is written in a jest manner so take this with a pinch of ..salt*): While tampering with the filter medium, you saw some unsightly dirty filter floss or sponge, and you think to yourself, "hmmmm I can just clean it to reduce Nitrate build up, I know there is good bacteria inside but hey, I have plenty of ammonia-converting bacteria in the live rock, sand, Marine Pure, floss, so cleaning THIS PIECE wont make any difference". You washed the floss and replaced it back in the tank and the next morning, the corals were not opening up and OMG you have a sudden Ammonia Spike. Step 1. Water Change. Yeah thats what everyone tells you. And you look at the RODI Container and realize you did not top up the RODI water tank! Or WHEW! you got enough RODI water and you looked at the watch and you need to go back to the office.. like NOW. Step. 2. Hey I got Anti-Ammonia additive or water conditioner or some leftover additives that looks promising. And you poured it inside the tank hoping for some miracle. And at the back of your mind, you were told that adding anti-chlorine may give false-positive when you do the Ammonia test later but this is an EMERGENCY, never mind that. This may work. Step 3. Go to office. But worried the whole day. Step 4. You come back home and see your favorite fish lying on its side, the shrimps are all dead (they are more sensitive to ammonia poisoning), the corals are closed up and your beloved tank has a mini-crash! Over the years, I have like countless bottles of Anti-Chlorine, ATM Outbreak, emergency activated carbon, Poly membrane etc, Prime but what REALLY WORKS TO BUY TIME? I found out that Zeolites is the reliable FIRST AIDER. Put it in a bag and dump it in the sump/Canister/ back chamber/reactor. It just works. Yes you still have to change water later, you still have to slap yourself for taking that piece of "dirt" out but on several occasions, it has saved my tank. So my 2 cents lesson is stock up on a S$10 bottle of Zeolites. You dont need Zeovit high end stuff. Just some Zeolites - it is a break glass during emergency thing to have at home. Wish I had known this earlier! Please share your Tank Crash Experiences and your Recovery Methods. (*I do not make light of the tank crash scenario - it is stressful and sad due to the death of your beloved pets.)
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