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Custom Beckett skimmer $200 only!

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Selling this skimmer that was customised for me from Reef Maniacs to test out their new design.

This is a 6 inch diameter recirculating Beckett with a special design that allows for 3 interchangable modes of usage.

All I can say is that this skimmer design gave me "a cup a day" if you know what I mean haha, the design is just so efficient.

Mode 1: Normal Beckett mode

Skimmer is run like conventional Beckett skimmers

Mode 2: Recirculating mode

Skimmer is run with recirculation to increase bubble contact time with water

Mode 3: Needlewheel mode

Skimmer can be fitted with a needlewheel pump at the reaction tube to further chop up the bubbles into finer, smaller bubbles.

This skimmer has a base with a bracket to fit a MD55 pump.

The modes can be easily changed with a turn of the 2 gate valves.

Selling for $200 as I want this special design to be fully utilised by a good reefer rather than spending time unused in my house.

You can't get a Beckett with these functions and even fitted with 2 Sheares gate valves at this clearing price!!

Interested pls contact 81138990. Thanks!


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