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Cirrilabrus Adornatus

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The first fish for this week will be the often overlooked Cirrilabrus Adornatus. This beautiful fairy wrasse is occasionally available in our LFS and at a very affordable price. Both male and female are found occasionally in the same shipment, although it is a fairly easy fairy wrasse but that is if the fish is not suffering from any cyanide poisoning side effects, eats mysis readily and not aggressive to new comers.

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Fish of the Week

Species Name: Cirrilabrus Adornatus

Common Name: Debelius Fairy Wrasse, Decorated Fairy Wrasse, Adorned Fairy Wrasse

Maximum Length: 6.5cm (2.3 inch)

Distribution: Southwest coast of Sumatra and Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.

Biology: It lives on rubble slopes at depths of 10 – 30m (33 ft to 99 ft). Often found in loose groups with 1 male and a few females. Closely related to C. flavidorsalis and females look almost identical.

Description: Caudal fin of females slightly rounded or truncate, Males will have double emarginate or emarginate caudal fin. Males are whitish to pale pink with two large triangular bright red blotches dorsoanteriorly on body and a broad red border on dorsal fin except posteriorly (some with a longitudinal row of small black spots near middle of fin). Females are red, shading to white ventrally on head and abdomen, with a black spot three-fourths orbit diameter posteriorly on side of caudal peduncle above lateral line.

Captive Care: Cirrilabrus Adornatus is occasionally showing up in our local LFS from time to time and at affordable price. They accept most food given, frozen mysis shrimp, frozen prepared food and etc. Keep only one male per tank, as they will fight. More than 1 female maybe kept together with 1 male. It is more suited for a smaller tank as it is a small species and would be more comfortable in a smaller tank. Known to jump, a tank with hood or netting cover would be recommended.

Recommended Tank Size: 30 gallon

Captive Suitability: Recommend for captivity, but for matured reefers and matured tanks, more than 6 months. Sensitive to poor water condition and drastic changes in the tank.


Photo courtesy of eol.org

Male Cirrilabrus Adornatus


Photo courtesy of eol.org

Female Cirrilabrus Adornatus


Photo courtesy of a member in Reef Central

A pair of Cirrilabrus Adornatus

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The male looks like it has patterns of a Koi

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