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SRC Tank of the Quarter Winner - Johnson2288 (March 2013 to May 2013 )

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Congratulation to this Tank of the Quarter winner - Johnson2288 aka Johnson Cheng gorgeous mixed reef tank setup !!! :score:



Center View


Left Side View


Right Side View

Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank

I'm really honored to be nominated the TOTQ winner for this quarter.Would like to take this opportunity to thank SG Reef Club (Larry and Moderator Team) for giving me the chance to share my experience with all the marine kakis out there.



1998- Decided to purchase a full set of 4.5x2.5x2.5ft tank and equipment. Totally new hobby and was overly-excited,resulting in overstocking of LPS and fishes as my initial setup.As pace was too fast, the tank crashed 2 times within 8 months,leaving me feeling very disappointed as had put in alot of effort.

1999-Converted to a FOWLER tank thinking it was easy.Repeated my mistake again by overcrowding the tank with different fishes( especially big angels) from different shipments without proper quarantine time.My impatience and inappropriateness caused many casualties (the diseases of my angels)

2001-Decom my tank.

2007-After discussion with my CO, we made a pact to learn from our past mistake and start all over again with renewed enthusiasm and positiveness.Proceeded with a 5x2.75x2.75ft tank with better quality and reliable equipments.Went full SPS with LPS and some fishes.This is also my first time challenging the 'Dark Side'.With patience and effort,my reefing journey this time round was really fun and rewarding.

It was also during this period of time that I met Aquarium Iwarna people who are really friendly and helpful.Being a reliable LFS, Iwarna also doubles as a gathering place where reefers meet to exchange/share our experiences. My extreme motivation was awaiting/receiving the news of their quality and awesome midnight shipments(corals and fishes) from Walt Smith(Fiji) ,Vanuatu and other parts of the South Pacific.

2012- After enjoying the tank for 5 years(2007-2012), my wife and i shifted to a bigger environment and decom the tank to upgrade to my current tank.In April 2012, we started this new 6ftx3ftx2.5ft glass box project


The design and planning were done by Victor (Aquarium Iwarna) and the indent of quality equipments were done by Seet (Reef Depot).Both of them have helped me fix and set up this fabulous tank,making sure that the whole system run in proper order.

After 2 months of careful planning, this beloved piece of 'mini ocean' was set up in my new living room.All in all, it took 8 months of patience from learning and stocking up appropriately that lead to this rewarding end results.

Tank specifications

Size : 6ft X 3 ft x 2.5 ft


Temperature:25-26 Degree Celsius


Calcium -420ppm


Magnesium –1380ppm




Tank: Hardware

Tank Size : 6 ft X 3 ft X 2.5 ft

Skimmer: Deltec - SC2560

Calcium Reactor: Deltec - PF601 Calcium Reactor

Dosing pump: GHL Profilux Dosing 4 Channels. CA,MG & DKH

Chiller: Drop in coil with Daikin 1 H/P air-con compressor

Biopellet / reactor: Deltec - FR 509

Chemical filtration: Deltec - FR 512 wit Rowaphos. Change every 2 months

Main return pump: Venotec Abyzz A400 3M

Wave maker:Venotec Abyzz A400 3M

Others Equipments : GHL Profilux Aquarium Computer with Profilux View 2

Lighting period : Ecotech Radion XR 30w 5 units -Artinic 1400-2am,14k 1900-2300,Moonlight 2am-6am

Addictive used


Since day one of my new setup, I have been using Polylab - ReefResh Complete set which I have been seeing with very good result. The ReefResh complete set consist of Fuel/RF-Plus/RF-Genesis/RF-Acid & Reef Roid as foods for my corals really bring out the colors and health of my corals.

Live stocks – Corals







SPS- Acropora- Echinata,Nobilis,Hoeksemai,Millepora,Loisettae,Gomezi,Tenuis,Yongei,Prostrata
Vermiculata,Lokani,Loripies,Chesterfieldensis,Valida,Bonsai,Stylophora,Seriatopora Hystrix
Montipora-Sunset,Pink,Red,Blue,Green,Chilli Pepper,Porities,Digitata.





LPS - Aust. Scolymia,LoboPhylia,Acanthastrea Lordhowensis,Charlice,Red Gonio etc.

Softies- Zoanthid,Paly, Ricordea Florida Rics,Yumas & etc.

Live Stocks - Fish:

1 Hooded,1Laboutei,1 Paired Flame & 1 Hoeven Wrasse
1 Achillis,1 Hybrid Powder Blue & 2 Yellow Tangs
4 Coral Sea Ventralis Anthias
1 Paired Helfrichi Fire Fish Goby


Some personal Q & A questions

1. How long have you been reefing?

Ans: Started 1998-2001 Stopped & Continue 2008 that is when I started Serious Reefing

2. How did you get into this hobby?

Ans: Both myself and my wife love to interact with nature with special interest in marine biodiversity.

3. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy?

Ans: Coral Guy being a Hardcore fan for Exotic SPS & LPS

4. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment?

Ans: Reliable after sales services and only products from European & US since i believe in quality.

5. What is your favorite past time

Ans: Enjoying the tank with my wife & our 3 little doggies in our cozy nest.

6. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby?

Ans: Looking at fishes, corals growing & thriving in the tank.

7. Any advice for newbie in this hobby?

Ans: Key Words- Haste makes Waste.Less haste more speed.Be focused and Patience.
SG Reef Club serves as a learning platform for newbies to interact and share different reefing perspectives and experiences.Also a good place to meet lots of friendly marine kakis and shifus.

Final Acknowledgement and thank you note (If any).

Firstly, would like to express a BIG Thanks to my wife (Eileen) who have been patient, encouraging and sharing this hobby with me.It has been my passion to keep a marine tank since childhood.
Next, would like to thank Aquarium Iwarna (Victor and team) who have been maintaining my tank without fail every week.

A final acknowledgement and thanks to Reef Depot (Seet and his team) for bringing in quality products plus fast and efficient after sales services.

More photos of his tank setup can be found on the image Galley HERE

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Finally out. Congratulation to you.

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A thoroughly deserving winner for the beautiful awesome tank and having a pure Reefing spirit.

The challenge really is to excel further and take your Reefing to another higher level.

Congrats ,


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Nice tank. Congrats.

Can share with us what is your dosage for polyplab?

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Congrats. Very huge and nice tank

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Wonderful and deserving tank!

Congrats! :)

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CongratuIation Brother,very nice Reef Tank with colourfull coral

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This winner is one of the few hardcore and perfectionist reefer i have encountered so far. One thing i learn from him is his humility and willingness to learn and share his findings with others.

Well done bro, you deserve the award :thumbsup:

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Outstanding beautiful mixed reef ! Good work and congrats. ..

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outstanding reef with lots of amazing colors. congrats! :thumbsup:

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