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Premium Zoanthids open for sales 29th April 12pm

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To all Reefers and especially Zoas lovers who requested for us to source for premium zoanthids,

We are expecting an shipment of premium zoanthids early next week!

Sales date to be advised..

Prices expected to range between 8 reds and 4 blues. (Subject to price adjustment at our discretion upon shipment arrival)

Some sample and "live" pics...


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upz for bringing nice zoas and make it affordable. kudos.

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Hi Reefers!

Zoanthids shipment will be available from Monday, 29th April, 12pm onwards. Please note we will only be opened from 12pm onwards.

Price will be available when we open for sales.


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Some pics of zoas available from 12pm onwards! Prices from 5 reds to 5 blues.


Also available 2 pcs Peppermint Hogfish and a few nice picassos clownfishes and borbonius anthias



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price range error

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