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Corals and Fishes New arrival 1st June

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Dear Friends,

New fishes and corals arrived!


Bicolor Angelfish

Blue Face Angelfish

Blue Koran Angelfish

Blue Koran Angelfish juvenile

Blue Ring Angelfish

Blue Tang

Blustreak Cleaner Wrasse

Clark's Anemonefish

Clown Anemonefish

Clown Surgeonfish

Clown Triggerfish

Domino Damsel

Emperor Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish juvenile

False Skunk Clown

Flagfin Angelfish

Four Stripe Damsel

Fox Face L

Gold Rimmed Surgeonfish

Gold Specs Jawfish

Golden Heads Goby

Green Mandarin

Lipstic Tang (Naso)

Dispar anthias

Moorish Idol

Orange Skunk Clown

Orange Spoted Prawn Goby

Pasific Sailfin Tang

Orange stripe angelfish

Powder Blue Tang

Regal Angelfish

Royal Dottyback

Saddle Back Clown

Six Line Wrasse

Spoted Grunt

Spoted Mandarin

Spottysail Dottyback

Tomato Clown

Two Colored Blenny

Two Colored Blenny (Yellow tail)

Valentini Puffer

Yellow Coris

Yellow Dottyback

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