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Tofu's 4ft Reef tank

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What will be the new star fish in your 4ft bro?

Hmm no idea really atm. Might probably end up getting another borbonius, but hard work getting it healthy and feeding well.

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On the brighter side of things, I've began cycling the tank! At last, been sitting around for almost a month patiently waiting.

Couple of updates:

1. Finally got the ATO fixed and working

2. Calcium reactor and co2 is up and running

3. Full lighting for 10hrs a day

4. Day 3 of the zeovit cycle (seeding rocks with bacteria king from 2ft tank)

5. Wavemakers rw15 x 2 arrived and installed

6. Started up the zeovit reactor, (Size was too small, have ordered a larger reactor)

7. Changed a bit of the scape

8. Added sand i got from a fellow reefer while waiting for the stock on caribsea special grade to arrive.

Heres the tank at day 3, havent measured any parameters except po4, which is in a good range.


Fired up the skimmer, this was collected in under an hr, amazing stuff, tank doesn't even have anything besides the rocks in. Gonna tune it down abit to skim dry.


Zeovit reactor way too small


Everything running including the CR


Thanks for viewing, will update more on the cycling soon!

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Played around with my rw15 today. Heres a quick and short video to share! Impressed with it overall. Waves can be much higher than the video. But didn't wanna blow the sand all around.

Turn the vol down if u dont wanna wake the family.

As always, thanks for viewing.

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Its Day 5 of zeovit cycle. Nothing has changed! Tank still looks prestine.

Tidied up my cabinet wirings today. All thats left is to label the plug heads.



And the unfortunate result of a purple digi left overnight on an acan after accidentally hitting it over the night before. Watch your LPS!


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Its day 7 of the 14day zeovit cycle. As expected and mentioned in the guide, Diatoms have started to appear on the rocks, nothing too serious though. The rocks with the most obvious diatoms are the 2 pieces of aquaroche i have. Probably because i didn't soak it long enough in rodi, didn't expect the need to. Couldn't capture the diatoms with my phone camera as the lights appeared too blue. Will try taking a shot tomorrow with leds off.

Will be making a trip on sunday to get some snails, so i can put them in on day 10. Anyone knows where has a good supply of cerith and trochus snails? Need about 5-7 of each.

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Alright..... time to show the UGLY! Day 8 of zeovit 14 day cycle

Time to get some hardworking cuc. Intend to get some abalone and trochus for the rock work.


All i can say, this skimmer has exceeded my expectations. Nothing in the tank, with cleaned rocks, and its already pulling this out. Would recommend it for anyone looking for an oversized skimmer. Easy to tune. Outperformed both of my previous branded skimmers.


Tiny bubbles moving up smoothly


Will try to get a video of the skimmer running when i'm free.

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Update of the 14 day cycle!

Officially today is day 10 of the cycle. According to the guide, i can introduce cuc, easy sps corals and 1 fish per 200l. Also, it did mention that if i was starting off with dead rocks, it might take slightly longer. But honestly it didn't seem to be a problem at all!

Heres my review of the 14 day cycle. It works like a charm. There really isn't much for me to say. Its just basically following the dosing instructions. At first i was skeptical, how could a tank cycle in just 10 days, but I'm impressed with the results myself. Heres a couple of test i did on day 8 and day 10

Nitrite (No2) on day 8 (slightly pinkish)


Nitrite (No2) on day 10


Nitrates (No3) on day 8


Nitrates (No3) on day 10


Day 10: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate under 2ppm.

I have already placed in my cuc overnight, and they all are doing well.

Stombus hard at work cleaning the sand, these are the best sand cleaners I've come across


Single Turbo snail, just cleaned an area on the rock. Will only be using this guy for starting phase, than hes back to the smaller tank.


And lastly, added 3 abalones. Never tried these before, but heard very good reviews, and dame right they are good. This guy cleared this patch in just a minute


Lastly, added 2 frags of Birdnests, 2 encrusting monti, 1 true fiber optic, 1 true octo lps.


Will be adding fishes later this evening if everything goes well. The next part will be tuning the calcium reactor, boy...thats gonna be a pain.

Thanks for reading. If you guys ever consider starting a tank, do consider the zeovit 14 day cycle. It worked for me and I'm sure it should for you if you follow the dosing instructions well.

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Haha yeah James, easy sps can be placed in on day 10. Additional sps corals can be added further each day after that if water parameters are stable. So using these few as test subjects. Just following the guide. Haha

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Haha, its tough at the moment to really justify how effective or good the zeovit system is.

When it comes to coral, the key factor besides having a good probiotic system + additives is also having a stable tank parameter like PH, KH, CA, MG etc etc. and not forgetting the type of lighting.

Right now, its just getting the important factors of the tank right, before i can even play around with the additives from zeovit.

I'm guessing its gonna take at least 3-6mths for the tank to achieve good stability and thats when the fun comes.

On the positive side, at least now i know the 14 day cycle works, so i got high expectations for zeovit.

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