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New Dupla reef supplements, coral foods and filter media arrived at our store!








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What is Dupla?

Dupla Aquaristik GmbH - Bielefeld - Germany

The company Dupla Aquaristik GmbH was formed in 1978 by Horst Kipper. A hobbyist from boyhood, Horst Kipper spent the early years with Eheim and then Tetra, but decided to establish his own company where he could fully develop his ideas and turn these into exclusive and effective aquarium systems that would assist the average aquarist to achieve outstanding success in the aquarium. Together with his long-time friend and associate Kaspar Horst, EDTA, CO2, fertilisation, specific lighting, substrate, heating, etc. were developed.

Long before any environment and animal protectors campaigned for proper treatment of pets, the foreword of the Dupla Exclusive Contract for aquarium shops stated:

"Dupla and its partners commit to do what they can for the progressive protection of nature, animals and the environment; further, to observe any and all laws related to nature and animal protection and to conduct their business in an exemplary manner."

In 1983 Kaspar Horst became Managing Director of Dupla Aquaristik GmbH, so that Horst Kipper could establish in Australia, a research facility for freshwater and marine aquaristics. This culminated in the building of Dupla Tropica, situated on the edge of the rain forest and a short distance from the sea in the Cairns region of Australia. From there, significant further contribution was made to the Dupla product line and the science of aquaristics in general.

In 1998 Jörg Plöger assumed the position of Managing Director, enabling Kaspar Horst to concentrate on his long-term profession, as editor and publisher of Aquarium Heute.

Dohse Aquaristik KG - Grafschaft, Germany

In October 2003 the well-respected firm Dohse Aquaristik KG acquired the national and international rights and products of Dupla. This enabled the important next step for the development and strengthening of the Dupla product line. Dohse Aquaristik KG is a long-established family business that has been successfully producing aquarium products since its formation in 1949. With over 65 years experience in the aquaristic industry producing the HOBBY line, now the DUPLA line - itself with over 36 years history - is added to this solid foundation and continues as an independent range. Jörg Plöger was also appointed as Sales Manager, therefore facilitating continuity of this benchmark line.

Dohse Aquaristik KG is now in its third generation under the control of its Managing Director - Axel Pinders. Although there are many new developments in progress, some things will not change. Established and proven products will not be altered, and original formulations are retained except where a distinct improvement can be demonstrated. The optimisation of the living conditions of fish and the handling security for the aquarist remain the main goal against which, all activities are measured.



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Visit Dupla Headquarter at Grafschaft, Germany – Part 1


Dupla Aquaristik, Dohse headquater at Grafschaft, Germany.


Christoph , Steve, John, Janet and Axel at Dupla Aquaristik (Dohse headquater Germany).


Christoph , Steve, Thinn, Janet and Axel at Dupla Aquaristik (Dohse headquater Germany).


Huge warehouse space of Dupla Aquaristik and Hobby products.


Dupla Aquaristik warehouse.


Dupla Aquaristik warehouse.


John of Aquamarin Aquatic Pets (Singapore) and Axel of Dupla (Dohse Germany)


Christoph of Dupla and Steve of AquaMarin Aquatic Pets


Training began with new Dupla Marin Hydrometer, a new high-precision and accurate hydrometer.


Dupla Easy Marin is a 100% natural aragonite supplement for reef aquariums to strengthen and support the skeletal structure in corals. Dupla Easy Marin is enriched with micronized aragonite (8μ) and numerous trace elements.


Dupla Test Kits for testing PO4, Calcium, Magnesium and kH.


We have tried the Dupla Test Kit and found it easy to use.


Dupla Test Kits’ colour comparison charts is easy to read and accurate.


Dupla Marin’s PO4 Test, Ca/KH Test and Mg Test.


Dupla Test Kits.


Christoph showing Steve, the Dupla Marin new reef supplements.

Dupla Marin is available at: AquaMarin Aquatic Pets

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Visit Dupla Headquarter at Grafschaft, Germany – Part 2


Dupla Marin Amino 24 consists of all important amino acids essential to stony coral growth. These supplements also help coral utilize the absorption of calcium and increasing your coral growth. You will also notice increased polyp extension during their daylight hours.


Dupla popular product ‘Easy Marin” which consists of aragonite (highly active clinoptilolites) and numerous trace elements.


Christoph explaining the accuracy of Dupla Marin Hydrometer.


Dupla Marin Iodine 24 is vital for coral development and colouration. Dupla Iodine also helps corals to adapt to lighting variations.


Axel of Dupla helping to explain the formula to prove the accuracy of the Dupla Marin Hydrometer.


Dupla Magnesium and Strontium liquid.


Dupla Marin Premium Reef Salt in 4kg pack.


Dupla Marin Premium Reef Salt in 10kg and 25kg bucket.


Dupla Marin Biopellet NP available in 240ml, 450ml and 1,000ml


Dupla Marin Biopellet NP, Dupla Easy Marin and Dupla Trace Element Mix.


Dupla Deko-Fix (high viscosity construction adhesive), Dupla Amino 24, Dupla Strontium 24, Dupla Iron 24 and Dupla Iodine 24.


Dupla liquid KH+, Dupla liquid Magnesium, Dupla liquid Calcium.


Dupla Bacter M, Dupla Bacter Booster and Dupla Reef Power.


Dupla Power KH+, Dupla Power Magnesium and Dupla Power Calcium.


Dupla Calcium granular, Dupla Sulphur granular, Dupla Carbon granular and Dupla Siliphos granular.


Dupla Rin MAR, Dupla Rin Coral Food Phyto, Dupla Rin Coral Food, Dupla Spirulina and Dupla Eeze.

Dupla Marin is available at: AquaMarin Aquatic Pets

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Visit Dupla Headquarter at Grafschaft, Germany – Part 3


Dupla Test Kits. KH Test, Calcium Test, Magnesium Test, Ca/KH Test, Ca/Mg Test.


Dupla Marin Premium Reef Salt in 4kg, 10kg and 25kg for reef and hard coral aquariums. And also Dupla Premium Salt.


Dupla Premium salt in 2kg, 10kg and 25kg.


Dupla Coralit, media for calcium reactor.


Christoph explaining to Janet of AquaMarin Aquatic Pets the different between Dupla Bacter M and Dupla Bacter Booter.


Dupla Marin Bacter M adds a high concentration of water purifying bacteria to the aquarium during the breaking in period (new tank), after cleaning the filter, after changing the water, or if the water quality is poor. Reduces nitrite, nitrates, phosphates and organic waste products.


Dupla Marin Bacter Booster provides bacteria with micronutrients which are in insufficient supply in the aquarium or which are consumed quickly.


Christoph showing Janet Dupla new products.


Christoph demonstrates how Dupla Easy Marin works. Dupla Easy Marin contains aragonite (highly active clinoptilolites binder) which help to eliminate pollutants creates crystal clear water.


Dupla Easy Marin is a natural mineral found in the sea.


Dupla Easy Marin is a highly concentrated aragonite (micronized 8μ) solution which look milky white.


Christoph and Janet cheers with Dupla Easy Marin.


Dupla Power Calcium, Dupla Power Magnesium, Dupla Power KH. All Dupla Power supplements are powder form.


Dupla Rin MAR fish food.


Axel and Christoph of Dupla. Steve and Janet of AquaMarin Aquatic Pets.

Dupla Marin is available at: AquaMarin Aquatic Pets

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