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Fish of the week!

Choati Leopard-wrasse, Australian Leopard-wrasse

Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Labridae
Genus: Macropharyngodon
Species: choati, Randall, John E. 1978

M. choati is commonly referred to as the Australian Leopard-wrasse. As the name implies this fish is exported from Australia. They frequently inhabit coastal to inner reefs, lagoons or sheltered reefs, where there’s a presents of algae growth and slopes of deep rubble drop-offs where sand is present. Its distribution is fairly wide and can be located from the northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland south to the central coast of New South Wales. They can be found at depths of less than one meter to over 27 meters (3 to 91 feet).

Most leopard-wrasses are sexually dimorphic creatures but this species is not like the rest in its genus. The coloration of the juveniles and the females are similar, with nearly transparent or colored blotched fins and terminal males can be distinguished from the females by the color arrangement on the anal fin.

The captive environment best suited for Leopard wrasses are mature, well established reef aquariums and are not suited for Marine fish only aquariums. They require an environment that emulates their natural habitat best and allows them to graze for macro and micro invertebrate fauna naturally. A bare bottom reef aquarium is not a suitable environment for these fish — simply put they are diurnal (opposite of nocturnal) creatures that seek refuge in the sand come night fall. A sandy bottom is essential for the health and long term success.







Read more: http://reefbuilders.com/2013/02/02/australian-leopardwrasse-quarantine-technique/#ixzz3gm8C8eVD

Abstract from Reefbuilder Credit to Tony Vargas.

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1 on pellet 1 on ml food.

another mia. Lol

Any updates on the choati wrasses?

How is their behaviour like in a community setup?

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