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Weekly Update - 31st Aug to 6th Sep 2015

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Mangroove hard to find, macroalgae depending what type. Jireh seems to have continuous supply


Anyone any idea for AM shipment?

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Carribean shipment tomorrow @ Iwarna @ 6pm. Close @ 8pm.

Small French angels, small queen angels, medium queen angels, small rock beauty, black cap basslets, royal grammas, indigo hamlet, yellower head jawfish, small atlantic blue tangs, medium atlantic blue tangs, candy basslets, French butterflyfish 5-6cm (Prognathodes guyanensis).


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New shipment from Marine Life ;


Australian Banded Pipefish

Hutchi Anthias

Lyre-tail Anthias

Blue-green Chromis

Springer's Damselfish

Goldentail Damselfish

Coral Beauty Angelfish

Two-spot Wrasse

Hoeven Wrasse

Melanurus Rainbowfish

Green Multicolored Wrasse

Multicolored Wrasse

Orange-axil Wrasse

Possum Wrasse

Griessinger's Goby

Tail Spot Blenny

Mandarin Fish Pair

Red Scooter Dragonet

Candy Cane Trimma

Red-spotted Trimma

Striped Trimma

Randall's Goby w/ Alpheus

Yellow Watchman Goby w/ Alpheus

Mimic Surgeonfish

Striped Bristletooth Surgeonfish

Ocellaris clownfish

Saddleback Anemonefish

Maroon Clownfish Pair

Blue Throat Trigger male

Warty Frogfish


Harlequin Sweetlips

 Flambouyant Cuttlefish


Spiny Astrea Snail

Fenestrate Snail

Black Sea Hare

Giant variable Thorny Oyster

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Fine-striped Pistol Shrimp

Blue-eyed Hermitcrab

Harlequin Shrimp Pair M-XL

Donald Duck Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp


Clapping Shrimp

Sexy Shrimp

Red-striped Hermitcrab

Red Arrow Cleaning Shrimp

Bubble Anemone

Leathery Anemone

Colored long tentacle Anemone (Purple)

Hemprichs Anemone

Ricordea Yuma – red, pink

Green Star polyps

Sand Dollar

Salmacis Urchin

 Blue Starfish S

Blue Tunicate

Goldmouth Sea Squirt

Red Whirl Algae

Serrated Seagrapes

Green Flourescent Algae

Red-forking Algae


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Iwarna Philippines shipment just arrive.

Have Venustus angels, flavoguttatus anthias  and for wrasse lovers Cirrhilabrus katherinae males and females.20150902_151829.thumb.jpg.61935a5a836322

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