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Singapore Reef Club

AquaRealm 2017

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Don't miss the only aquatic show this year for fish lover at Aqua realm 2017 , drop by and say hi at our SRC booth or any of the shop there to check on some of the items they are offering for sales . 

Date ; 15 - 18th June 2017 

Public day '; 17th June ( 12pm ) till 18th June 2017 

Venue ; Temasek Polytechic Singapore 

Tickets ; $ 3.00 

More info ; http://www.aquarealm.com.sg 


Some key event of the show includes ;

- LIVE Aqua scaping challenge 

- Marine Nano tank competition

- Junior Pseudacanthicus competition

- Betta competition

- Guppy competition 







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