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Watch out for the upcoming marine nano tank competition held at the Aquarealm 2017 marine nano tank competition , 

Event detail ; http://www.aquarealm.com.sg/

Tank competition details; 

1st Aqua Realm Marine Nano tank competition

Total ; 5 tank 
Innovative marine Nano 10 tank  ( 1 ft cube ) - Sponsored by FreshnMarine 
Lighting; Kessil A80 tuna Blue LED - Sponsored by FreshnMarine 
Chiller; AOL Mini chiller AL 60- Sponsored by East Ocean Aquatic 

** Entry fees : $ 50.00 
** What will be provided; Tank set, conditioned seawater, light, chiller, stand 
** Prizes ; official Trophy and prizes from sponsor and organizer . 
** Bench in date ; 13/06  tues ( 9am onward ) 
** Bench out; 18/06 Sunday ( 6pm onward ) 
** Space available on fcfs basis .

Thank you to all the sponsors for sponsoring the equipment and prizes to make it happen on a last minute basis. 

Nno Tank Competition Poster_R1.jpg

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